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Kanada: West Coast Trail

Kanada: West Coast Trail

3rd, revised edition 2012, 45 color illustrations, 9 maps, language German

Between Pacific and Rainforest: Hiking the Canadian West Coast Trail

Only 75 km long, the Canadian West Coast Trail is notorious among trekking enthusiasts around the world and known as one of the most grueling hiking routes in North America. The OutdoorHandbook "Canada: West Coast Trail" from Conrad Stein Verlag explains why this is so, why it is nevertheless worthwhile to walk this trail, and what one should know before the tour.

The history of the trail has a tragic origin: After a serious shipwreck on the dangerous coast of Vancouver Island, the trail was created as a rescue route for shipwrecked people. Today, the trail is a highlight for hikers who love challenges: Frequent rainfall, completely muddy trail sections, steep ladder systems on the coast and the impassable jungle make great mental and physical demands.The efforts are rewarded with an impressive natural experience: along its entire length, the trail runs along a unique, spectacular coastline with diverse flora and fauna and fantastic beaches.

In his book, the author Wolfgang Winterhoff, who is experienced in Canada, first provides information on everything that the West Coast Trail hiker needs to know in order to prepare for and complete the tour, e.g. on how to get there, equipment, opening times, safety regulations, etc.. He then presents the trail in a total of 8 stages and describes the course and special features of the route. Personal stories from his last tour on the West Coast Trail and numerous color photos lighten the description and awaken the anticipation of one of the most exciting North American trails.

The author: Wolfgang Winterhoff has been traveling in Canada for over 25 years, especially in the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta and the Yukon Territories. In the outdoor scene as well as in the tourism industry he is considered a competent contact person when it comes to Canada. Again and again he is drawn to the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island - for example in 2011 to research and photograph for the new edition of this travel guide.

Fact Sheet of Kanada: West Coast Trail

Product Name: Kanada: West Coast Trail
Manufacturer: Conrad Stein Verlag
Item Code: CSV363397
activity: Hiking
book version: guidebook
ISBN: 978-3-86686-029-2
number of pages: 128
author / publisher: Wolfgang Winterhoff
publishing house: Conrad Stein Verlag
book theme: Hiking Guides
countries: Canada