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Campagnolo Chorus Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed

Campagnolo Chorus Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed

The shifting & braking control center of the Chorus 12 DB Movement

The fantastic ergonomics that over the years have become a sort of calling card for Campagnolo have been even further improved with the latest introduction of Super Record and Record 12-speed drivetrains. Not just ergonomic but also customizable, this standard is embodied in the design of the Chorus levers. Apart from the brake lever, made from aluminium but with a coating that enhances its finish and its feel, Chorus Ergopower are almost identical to those on the Super Record and Record controls. Ergonomic characteristics, such as the design of the brake lever hoods, the design of the brake levers and bigger gear levers, team with characteristics that make the shape of Ergopower controls unique for cyclists’ needs. The Ergopower Chorus 12-speed DB controls incorporate a reach adjustment system to position the brake lever an optimum distance from the handlebar. Campagnolo’s tried and tested one-lever-one-action philosophy ensures no-confusion control, regardless of the cycling conditions or the cyclist’s position. The Ultra-Shift mechanism controls the 12-speed rear derailleur, letting the rider shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets in a single movement.

Flat Mount Disc Brake Calipers

The flat-mount Campagnolo brake callipers ensure powerful, modular braking in any situation owing to pistons measuring 22 millimetres in diameter. Brake pad return guaranteed by the magnetic system ensures that there is no friction at the time of brake lever release. A special metal plate positioned between the pad and the calliper piston, cushions the vibrations during braking.
It is indeed possible to choose the rear brake caliper with a disc measuring either 140 mm or 160 mm in diameter and to use a specific 160 mm front caliper. Additionally, work was done on the insertion of the disc in the caliper to make changing the wheel easier and faster.

Flat Mount

Campagnolo disc brake calipers are suitable on all Flat Mount forks and frames. Thanks to this standard the assembly is allowed without converters or adapters. While the caliper is assembled directly on the fork, increasing a lot the stiffness of the complete system. This is the ideal configuration for racing. The Campagnolo solution needs only 2 bolts for assembling the caliper on the fork. This allows to leave out the two bolts that you can’t inspect.

Brake pads

Removing the pads you can immediately understand if you need to replace them. The replacement is needed when the thickness of the compound reaches the wear indicator at 1.5 mm.

Chamfered bottoms allow for easier wheel replacement because the rotor is helped from the pads shapes when entering in the caliper A metal sheet damps the vibrations coming from the braking phase. Semi-metallic formulation tuning provide the use in dry and wet condition without compromises.

Features & Benefits

ULTRA-SHIFT™ ergonomics

Shaped cushioning ensures a firm grip on the handlebars and fast, precise control of the levers regardless of hand or finger size. The special ergonomic design makes it possible to assume three different hand positions on the levers compared to the two traditional ones.

VARI-CUSHION™ brake lever hoods with variable density and surface finishes

Natural silicone material with differentiated areas to follow the grip of the 1st and 2nd finger. The grooved areas drain away water, keeping the brake lever hoods dry and improving grip. Internal weave to create a variable thickness that guarantees maximum possible comfort.

ULTRA-SHIFT™ mechanism

This technology allows multiple shifting, letting the rider shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets in a single movement. Rapid positioning on the combination desired when there is a steep increase in the slope or when approaching a corner (up to 4 combinations with chain on the frst 4 sprockets, up to 3 combinations with chain above the fourth sprocket).

Compatibility note:
For performance, longevity and functionality the Chorus drivetrain must be used with the mechanical Campagnolo 12-speed drivetrain components.
A brake disc is not included. It can be ordered separately.
Brake caliper: Flat Mount
Brake fluid: Mineral oil
Brake hose: 2000 mm
Braking pads: organic
Disc: without brake disc, this item has to be purchased separately
Included in delivery: right Ergopower shift-/brake-control + brake caliper rear
incl. brake hose
without brake disc
Material: body: composite, lever/brake caliper: aluminium
Weight supplement: incl. brake caliper (approx. 118 grams with pads), manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Chorus Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed

Product Name: Campagnolo Chorus Ergopower + Hydraulic Disc-Brake - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM422183
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Road Bike
Shifting System (Manufacturer): Campagnolo
shifting system: 12-speed
Shifting Actuation: Mechanical
disc brake mount: Flatmount
brake actuation: Hydraulic
brake lever version: Drop bar
brake fluid: Mineral Oil
Disc brake - version: # Rear Wheel, Set caliper & lever
Shift lever - Version: Shift-brake-lever, # Right
Model year: 2021
weight: 370g
Manufacturer page: http://www.campagnolo.com