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Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset 2x12-speed - Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount

Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset 2x12-speed - Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount

The Super Record electronic groupset, the benchmark for performance and reliability, with its 12-speed drivetrain system, has the necessary qualifications to maintain its historic role as a performance and quality reference for the most demanding cyclists.

With the Super Record EPS series, the extremely low weight and enormous reliability that already characterize the mechanical models merge with the latest electronic technology to create a drivetrain with a unique level of performance and functionality.

Composition of the Campagnolo Super Record EPS DB groupset:

  • Super Record Ultra Torque TI Carbon crankset (2x12-speed)
  • Super Record EPS DB Ergopower brake/shift levers (left + right)
  • hydraulic disc brake caliper (flat mount, front + rear)
  • Super Record EPS front derailleur (2x)
  • Super Record EPS rear derailleur (12-speed)
  • Super Record cassette(11-29 or 11-32 teeth)
  • Super Record chain (114 links)

Supplied without brake rotors, adapters, hubs and bottom bracket cups. These can be ordered separately.

The battery required for the groupset is also not included as it cannot be shipped by air freight. The battery can be ordered separately for deliveries to the EU, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway.

Compatibility note:

Please note that the Super Record EPS rear derailleur is only compatible with the corresponding cassette in the 11-29 and 11-32 tooth gradations.

Shift differently, shift better, the Super Record 12s goes electronic!

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS is the flagship of Campagnolo shifting systems thanks to the technologies, materials and craftsmanship with which the groupset is made. In addition, it is now consolidating its role as a reference with the transition to the 12-speed system.

Campagnolo has paved the way with the 8, 9, 10, 11 and most recently 12-speed drivetrains and has always been a pioneer in the evolution of drivetrains for road bikes. The recent introduction of the Super Record and Record mechanical drivetrains not only marked a new era in mechanical groupset technology, but also laid the foundation for the electronic version of the Super Record EPS 12-speed groupset. The EPS technology was tested by athletes in practice and before it saw the light of day on the market, it passed the test phase of the Campy Tech Lab as usual in the most demanding test scenario in the world, the World Tour.

The popular groupset is now available in a 12 speed version with the V4 versions of the electronic components and interface. The groupset has been redesigned to adapt perfectly to the new 12 speed technology and the 11-29 and 11-32 cassette combinations introduced in the mechanical version. A fast, always precise and effortless movement for the cyclist, together with a very gradual gear ratio are just some of the outstanding features of the new EPS groupset.

Campagnolo Super Record EPS

Campagnolo EPS, Electronic Power Shift, is an advanced electronic shifting system which, thanks to artificial intelligence(DTI / Digital Tech Intelligence), is able to convert the cyclist's shifting lever actuation into digital signals, process them and control the movement of the front derailleur and shifters.

The EPS system has electronics that are located centrally and not in the individual components. This digital intelligence, consisting of a power unit and interface, communicates with the components, from which it constantly receives feedback and controls them. Centralized electronics mean greater system stability and less susceptibility to functional errors and malfunctions caused by falls.

Should malfunctions occur with this high-tech development, the EPS system is able to detect them automatically. The On Board Diagnostic uses RGB LED color coding to indicate where a malfunction is present.

Campagnolo Super Record Ultra Torque TI Carbon crankset

Maximum innovation for maximum stiffness and shifting precision.

The Campagnolo Super Record 2x12-speed carbon crankset, whose weight has been reduced with the help of "Hollow Technology", uses the Ultra Torque locking system with titanium shaft for loss-free power transmission. The crankset can be mounted on all frame models, both with disc and rim brakes, as it optimizes the chain line on frames with rear installation widths of 130, 135 or 142 mm without compromising the Q-factor, which is 145.5 mm like its predecessor.

The use of CULT ceramic ball bearings guarantees the smooth running typical of Campagnolo. The innovative shape of the outer chainring and the contoured pin guarantee fast and quiet shifting. In addition, the symmetrical tooth shape on the inner chainring improves stability when the chain crosses.

Thanks to the increased use of carbon fibers on the crankarms with double standard bolt circle (112 and 145 mm), the weight has been reduced. The chainrings are attached with eight bolts, which increase the rigidity of the component. The different number of pins for each of the three gradations (50/34, 52/36 and 53/39 teeth) optimizes their engagement behavior and thus facilitates upshifting. Furthermore, the relief of the outer chainrings simplifies downshifting in the dead zones of the pedaling motion and thus improves performance.

Features and benefits of the Super Record Ti Carbon crank

  • New design, same dimensions
    Increased compatibility with all systems regardless of the width of the rear triangle.
  • Pair-connected track bearings of the right-hand crank in the area exposed to the greatest loads from the cyclist.
    The bearings ensure maximum rigidity of the crankset when shifting up.
  • Unchanged Q-factor (145.5 mm)
    No change in dimensions and pedaling dynamics.
  • Crank arms made of UD carbon, titanium shaft and aluminum chainrings
    High stiffness and optimum power transmission.
  • Symmetrical teeth on the inner chainring
    Smooth and precise transmission even at larger intersections.
  • Optimized design for every chainring gradation
    Maximum performance, every time.
  • Double bolt circle
    Increases the stiffness of the system and reduces weight through increased use of carbon fibers.
  • Surface treatment of the chainrings for increased durability.

Ultra Torque

Campagnolo has ensured that the two axle halves of the bottom bracket are inseparably connected to the respective crank arms. This new development has made it possible to significantly reduce lateral protrusion from the frame at axle height and thus prevent unwanted contact with the ankle when pedaling.

Their assembly is extremely simple, a single oversize bolt is used to firmly connect the two halves of the axle. In terms of the effectiveness of torque transmission, this system can easily stand comparison with a one-piece axle.

Furthermore, despite the narrow side profile, Campagnolo has managed to position the bearings outside the bottom bracket shell, making the axle, which has a larger diameter, stiffer thanks to the increased support width. Campagnolo was able to achieve these characteristics by using the Ultra-Torque™, which is based on the Hirth spline, an ingenious mechanical system derived from many years of experience in engine construction in the field of clutches for rotary axles and motor shafts.

This is basically a coupling connection with self-centering and self-aligning spur gearing, which is positioned in the middle of the inner bearing axle where the ends of the axle halves firmly connected to the crank arms touch each other.

CULT ceramic bearings

The combination of the best ceramic balls on the market and the special Cronitect steel. The bearings are only lubricated with a thin layer of oil, which increases the smooth running of the crank ninefold. Corrosion-resistant - performance is maintained over the long term.

If you need more detailed information on the individual components, please look for the relevant article in the corresponding product groups.

Important notes:

  • The Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset is only suitable for frames that are designed for internal cable routing.
  • Only the red Campagnolo LB-300 mineral oil is suitable for use in the brake system.
  • The electronic drivetrain components of the Campagnolo EPS series comply with the IP67 protection class. This means that the electronic components are protected against dust and liquid ingress.

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset 2x12-speed - Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount

Product Name: Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset 2x12-speed - Hydraulic Disc Brake - Flat Mount
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM422252
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon, Carbon coated
usage bikesport: Road Bike
crank arm length: 170, 172.5, 175
Shifting System (Manufacturer): Campagnolo
number of gears - front: 2
shifting system: 12-speed
Shifting Actuation: Electronic
brake type: Disc Brake
front derailleur type: Brazed-On
brake actuation: Hydraulic
front derailleur max. teeth: 55
rear derailleur cage: medium
rear derailleur max. teeth: 34
rear derailleur capacity: 23
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
Manufacturer page: http://www.campagnolo.com