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Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light

Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light

Supernova's new flagship in the battery segment

The M99 Mini Pro B54 with 54 Wh battery is by far the world's brightest StVZO-approved battery headlight with dipped and main beam. 11 high-performance LEDs produce a very wide and homogeneous light with up to 1,600 lumens and 275 lux. The battery is charged in just 2.5 hours and delivers up to 50 hours of amazingly bright maximum lighting time. With the Supernova App for Apple iOS and Android including the Smartwatch version, the spotlight can be easily operated and the remaining lighting time can even be displayed to the minute. The ideal product for all 24-hour and long-distance cyclists, as well as for all mountain bikers, racing cyclists and commuters who like to ride glare-free through the city and then enjoy perfect high beam on fast descents at the touch of a button.

Technical details M99 MINI PRO B54:

  • Pre-forged and CNC milled aluminium housing
  • High beam mode MAX: 1,600 lm, 275 lx, 24 Watt, 2 h lighting duration (+2 h reserve light)
  • High beam mode 1,150 lm, 260 lx, 16 Watt, 3.5 h Light duration (+ 2 h reserve light)
  • High beam mode ECO: 425 lm, 70 lx, 4 Watt, 13 h Light duration (+2 h reserve light)
  • High beam with 56% wider beam angle than competitors, for better range and bend lighting
  • Dipped beam: 450 lm, 150 lx, 5.2 Watt, 10 h Light duration (+2 h spare light)
  • Dipped beam mode ECO: 75 lm / 30 lx, 50 h Illumination time (+2 h reserve light)
  • App control of high beam/low beam with residual light indication accurate to the minute
  • The most important functions can also be operated without App
  • Free additional features through software updates improve the lighting system even after the purchase
  • Luminous life prognosis for the different light levels at a glance
  • Watertight plug-in connection with screwable strain relief
  • Gold-plated plug connection for magnetic high beam switch
  • quick-release screw included, please order suitable holder for 31,8 / 35 mm!
  • Flexibly usable USH22-32 high beam sensor holder
  • L x W x H: 32 x 78 x 50 mm
  • 130 g

Technical Details B54-Battery Pack:

  • 54 Wh Automotive 21700 cells, 10.9 V Operating voltage
  • Bluetooth LE Communication with Smartphone and Smartwatch (Android and iOS)
  • Silver polished aluminium housing for better heat reflection and better cooling of the cells
  • light sensor for intelligent activation of low beam (tunnel passage)
  • Coming-Home mode (automatic switch-off by vibration sensor)
  • Preheat function if charging temperature is too low, charge cut-off in case of overheating
  • hibernation mode
  • Basic battery exchange for 89.-€
  • Up to 5 years warranty for at least 50% use in long-life mode
  • fixing with 50 mm Velcro tape (e.g. on frame), padded holder
  • L x W x H: 98 x 46 x 50 mm, 300 g

B54-2A Charger:

  • Processor controlled charging with temperature measurement
  • 2.5 h Rapid charging with up to 2A charging current
  • Optional 6 h gentle charge (Longlife mode)
  • LED Charge status display

Included in delivery: M99 Mini Pro 54 , incl. battery pack & charger, magnetic high beam switch, universal switch holder with o-ring, ø 22-32 mm
Manufacturer item code: T-M99MINIP-K-B54
Weight supplement: without Battery Pack | manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light

Product Name: Supernova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light
Manufacturer: Supernova
Item Code: SNL456745
StVZO legal (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations): yes
activity: Bike
battery ernergy: 54.6Wh
bike light version: Front Light
power supply: (Rechargeable) Battery
bike light properties: High Beam, Automatic Switchon
Model year: 2021
weight: 130g
Manufacturer page: