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Wolf Tooth Elliptical Single Road/Cyclocross Flattop Chainring 110mm - Drop Stop - black

Wolf Tooth Elliptical Single Road/Cyclocross Flattop Chainring 110mm - Drop Stop - black

Elliptical Flattop Chainring

The oval chainring not only shines with its aesthetic finish and low weight: thanks to the patented Narrow-Wide design, the ideal 1-fold setup is achieved, preventing the chain from falling off the chainring. With this setup, your dream of the perfect drive becomes reality!

The winter months in Minneapolis, the production site of the US company, are tough, and this Wolf Tooth aluminium chainring is designed to be robust and powerful. It is optimized for use with 110mm BCD 5-arm Spider, after all, the motto is: We want to ride - and not fiddle with the chain!

In accordance with the quality standards of the Wolf Tooth brand, this product scores with its undisputed design, absolute reliability and high resistance. The patented Drop-Stop® Wide-Narrow tooth profile ensures that the chain runs safely in your simple setup. At the same time it prevents mud and dirt from getting stuck - the result is maximum efficiency! To achieve maximum functionality even under extreme conditions, we recommend using the chain in combination with a clutch rear derailleur (with rear derailleur damping).

Like all high-end custom bodies and unwaveringly robust bikes, Wolf Tooth chainrings are manufactured from A to Z at the company's headquarters in Minnesota, USA.


Wolf Tooth's innovative PowerTrac Elliptical Design (PTE) focuses entirely on optimising performance and traction - and builds on the valuable experience of precision mechanics who, like you, love to sit in the saddle and demand the highest standards!

Many bikers now rely on an oval chainring for their 1x drive, and for a simple reason: This design has been proven to provide improved riding characteristics.

The concept behind oval shaped chainrings can be summed up as follows: The biomechanical power output while pedalling varies during a pedal stroke; at positions where the power is higher, the chainring has a larger diameter. The larger diameter of the chainring means that the power is converted into a larger forward drive. At the points where there is less power, the smaller chainring diameter maximizes the efficiency of the pedal stroke. This means a higher overall pedalling power with each pedal revolution

Wolf Tooth points out that using the elliptical chainring results in more constant torque at the rear wheel, as spinning is reduced during downward movement and pedal rotation becomes smoother and more efficient. The more consistent torque at the rear wheel provides better traction and consistent momentum - ideal for hard climbs and headwinds.

So if you're looking for a top class chainring that clearly beats the competition in terms of durability and longevity, and that performs to its full potential in a 1x setup, then this is the right choice for you!


Flattop™ technology enables a narrower chain with quieter operation and increased strength and durability.
Hard Chrome™ plated inner link plates and rollers for reduced wear and prolonged life.
HollowPin™ construction for increased strength and efficiency.


  • Compatible with 110mm BCD 5 arm cranksets
  • For 1x9, 1x10, 1x11 and 1x12 drives (including SRAM Eagle™).
  • Compatible with all 10, 11 and 12-speed chains (except Shimano 12-speed chains).
  • For a 9-speed drive, the use of a 10-speed chain is recommended (shifts reliably on a 9-speed drive and lies tighter on the chainring, so that the chain is held securely).

Fitting for derailleur: 9-speed ||| 10-speed ||| 11-speed ||| 12-speed
Included in delivery: 1 chainring
Material: Aluminium
Weight supplement: 38 tooth, manufacturer informatiion

Fact Sheet of Wolf Tooth Elliptical Single Road/Cyclocross Flattop Chainring 110mm - Drop Stop - black

Product Name: Wolf Tooth Elliptical Single Road/Cyclocross Flattop Chainring 110mm - Drop Stop - black
Manufacturer: Wolf Tooth
Item Code: WTC468301
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike
number of gears - front: 1
shifting system: 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed, 12-speed
Road - bolt circle diameter: 110mm
chainring version: Narrow-Wide , oval
number of teeth: 38-40-42
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 66g
Manufacturer page: http://www.wolftoothcycling.com