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Ass Savers BroTector Rear Mudflap Extension - Reflective Red

Ass Savers BroTector Rear Mudflap Extension - Reflective Red

The perfect fender extension for your rear fender!

  • Reduces splashing to the rear
  • Fits all common rear fenders
  • Attaches with cable ties or screws (not included)
  • Made from recycled industrial waste
  • Peloton friendly

The rear Mudflap BroTector is not for you. It's for the friends you bike with, or your kid who sits behind you in the trailer. It's the ultimate altruistic bike component that will get you new commuter friends and countless invitations to winter group rides.

The BroTector can be attached to any standard front fender with a single cable tie. Simply drill two holes at the desired height and attach it with a cable tie! Optional mounting also possible with bolts and nuts (not included).

ToeTector Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 86 mm x 187 mm
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Material: 80% recycled polypropylene

Fit of the Mudflap

The Mudflap fits all standard curved full fenders. Aluminum or steel metal mudflaps are more suitable, as some plastic mudflaps can be difficult to drill.

Pre-folding of the Bro Saver

As with all Ass Savers products, the pre-fold should not be overlooked. The center fold of the BroTector makes it more stable and the back "smiley fold" over the Bro Saver provides better protection and makes it more resistant to damage.

Mounting the BroTector

To mount the BroTector, you need to drill two holes in the mudguard. Hold the mud flap in position to set the desired height. The closer to the ground, the better the protection, but make sure you don't run the risk of the BroTector catching on curbs and uneven terrain.

The holes must be located along the centerline of the mudguard and spaced 25 mm apart. Take special care to make sure they are properly aligned. Make a dent in the hole location with a sharp pin tool to prevent the drill bit from wandering. This will ensure that the hole lands in the right place. Use a 5mm drill bit for the hole, but after drilling, you can clean the sharp edges of the hole by carefully turning a 10mm drill bit by hand.

Place the BroTector on the inside of the fender and thread the cable tie through the top hole of the fender and BroTector from the outside before threading the cable tie back through the bottom hole and closing it. Make sure you pull the BroTector all the way against the fender and it has a tight fit.

If there is enough space between the tire and the fender, you can also thread the cable tie from the inside of the fender. This way you hide the cable tie head for a more elegant installation.

You can also use two bolts and nuts with washers as an alternative and more permanent attachment.

Fact Sheet of Ass Savers BroTector Rear Mudflap Extension - Reflective Red

Product Name: Ass Savers BroTector Rear Mudflap Extension - Reflective Red
Manufacturer: Ass Savers
Item Code: ASA481478
activity: Cycling
material: Composite
usage bikesport: Trekking, City
Fender accessories & spare parts: Mud flaps / extensions
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Reflective
weight: 9g
manufacturer item code: BRR-1
Weight Source: Manufacturer