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Jagwire Pro E-Bike Disc Brake Pad - semi-metallic - DCAB85 | Shimano, RIDEREVER

Jagwire Pro E-Bike Disc Brake Pad - semi-metallic - DCAB85 | Shimano, RIDEREVER


Different riding styles and conditions require different brake pads.

Jagwire offers several pad types that always guarantee reliable braking performance and precise braking force distribution under varying conditions. High-quality materials and sophisticated compositions distinguish Jagwire brake pads.


Jagwire Pro E-Bike Disc brake pads (green)

Not least because of their increased weight, E-Bikes put significantly more strain on brake pads than conventional bikes. Jagwire Pro E-Bike brake pads offer maximum braking power, excellent durability and constant braking performance with minimal noise. Suitable for use on all types of E-Bikes.

Note: Semi-metallic, sintered and E-Bike brake pads should not be used with brake discs designed exclusively for organic brake pads.




DCAB05 | Shimano MTB, Tektro, TRP, RIDEREVER

  • Shimano XTR BR-M9120, Deore XT BR-M8120 / M8020, SLX BR-M7120, Saint BR-M820 / BR-M810, ZEE BR-M640, BR-MT520, BR-MT420
  • Tektro Orion 4P, Dorado 4P
  • TRP Quadiem, G-Spec Quadiem, Slate T4, G-Spec Slate, G-Spec DH, Zurich
  • RIDEREVER Cargo-X, Attack-XE, Attack-XR, Attack-XS, Attack-XU

DCAB09 | SRAM Code R/RSC, Guide RE

  • SRAM Code (2011-2016) Code R (B1), Code RSC (A1), Guide RE

DCAB16 | Shimano, Tektro, TRP, Promax, RST

  • Shimano Deore BR-M525 / BR-M515 / BR-M515-LA, Deore LX/Trekking BR-T675 / BR-T615
  • Shimano Alivio BR-M4050, Acera BR-M3050, Tourney BR-TX805, Nexave BR-C601 / BR-C501
  • Shimano BR-MT500, BR-MT400, BR-MT200, BR-M575, BR-M486 / BR-M485 / BR-M475 / BR-M465, BR-M447 / BR-M446 / BR-M445, BR-M416 / BR-M416A / BR-M415, BR-M395 / BR-M375 / BR-M365, BR-M355, BR-M315, BR-UR300
  • Tektro Aquila, Auriga, Auriga E-Comp, Auriga E-Tune, Auriga E-Twin, Auriga Pro, Auriga Tune
  • Tektro Dorado HD-E715, Draco, Draco 2, Draco WS, Gemini, Orion, Orion SL, Vela
  • Tektro HD-E350, HD-M285, HD-M286, HD-T285, HDC330, Junior, MD-C510
  • TRP HY/RD Post Mount, Hylex Post Mount, Hylex RS Post Mount, Parabox 2012, Slate X2, Spyre, Spyre SLC, Spyke
  • RST D-Power
  • Promax F1, Solve, Solve-ST, Lucid, Decode R, eCapsule, DSK-909


  • Shimano XTR BR-M9020, BR-M9000, BR-M987, M985; Deore XT BR-M8100, BR-M8000, BR-M785; SLX BR-M7100, BR-M7000, BR-M675, BR-M666; Deore BR-M6000, BR-M615;
  • Shimano Alfine BR-S700
  • Shimano BR-R785, BR-R517 / BR-R515, BR-R317 / BR-R315, BR-RS785, BR-CX77 / BR-CX75,
  • RIDEREVER Cargo-D, ARC- E, ARC-S, ARC-U, Attack-E, Attack-U, MCX-2 (Post Mount), MCX-1 (Post Mount), MTN1

DCAB98 | SRAM G2 / Guide, Avid Trail

  • SRAM G2 R / RS / RSC / Ultimate
  • SRAM Guide R / RS / RSC / Ultimate
  • Avid Trail

Fact Sheet of Jagwire Pro E-Bike Disc Brake Pad - semi-metallic - DCAB85 | Shimano, RIDEREVER

Product Name: Jagwire Pro E-Bike Disc Brake Pad - semi-metallic - DCAB85 | Shimano, RIDEREVER
Manufacturer: Jagwire
Item Code: JAG541274
activity: Cycling
brake pad version: Disc Brake Pad
Model year: 2022
brake pad type: semi-metallic
pad compatibility: Shimano, others
manufacturer item code: DCAB85
Manufacturer page: