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Lupine Piko R All-in-One Helmet- /Head Light Kombi-Set - 2100 lm

Lupine Piko R All-in-One Helmet- /Head Light Kombi-Set - 2100 lm

Head- and helmet light in one bundle!

The all-in-one kit is the latest bundle of the Piko R and contains everything you need to use your lamp as a headlamp, but also as a helmet lamp.

The Lupine Piko head lamp is extremely small and light, but also sturdy and bright enough even for the most extreme situation. Piko - 2100  lumens in the size of a matchbox, now with a standalone diffuse light, new app and new remote control.



  • 2100 lumens light output
  • up to 210m beam distance
  • 6 dimm levels incl. diffuse light, SOS & alpine emergency signal
  • Bluetooth 4.0 & remote control
  • 3.5 Ah SmartCore FastClick battery


Innovations & Technologies of the Lupine Piko R

Even more comfortable

Its CNC machined aluminum body has been completely redesigned and is 3mm shorter than before. As a result, the center of gravity moves closer to your head, which allows a more comfortable wearing over long periods. The button on the lamp head is now in the middle of the lamp, is easier to find, especially when used with gloves and clicks noticeably more pleasant.

Total control - with bluetooth

There are situations where you want to take your hand to the head - but you need not. With the integrated Bluetooth module, you control the Piko R not only with the button on the lamp head, but also now with it´s remote control or free mobile app.

Individually Adjustable

You could configure the Piko as free as never before, directly with the app. You're saving your settings, creating custom profiles for your several activities and just use them again if you need.

Diffused light mode

The diffused light is perfect for situations like camping, reading and repairing. The light itself is particularly gentle and even. Its color temperature is extra warm compared to the main LEDs, making it particularly beneficial in short-range activities.

Advanced thermal management

With a lamp as small and bright as the Piko, thermal management and the integration of additional reading light was a great challenge. Thanks to state-of-the-art materials and optimized software, the heat dissipation and dimming reaction of the Piko has been significantly improved. So even with little airstream or already warmed up lamp, you will now have more light than before.


The SmartCore technology offers even more. By pressing the button, colored LEDs and an audible signal instantly indicate how much energy is left. The additional taillight functions increase your visibility and safety, if you don´t have a taillight with you.


With the FrontClick quick-change system, you're more flexible than ever before. With the optional available accessories you can turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or change the lamp head from one helmet to the next in a few seconds, without any tools.

FastClick Batteries

With Lupine's specially developed FastClick system you are wearing the battery of your Lupine directly on the head and swap it within a few seconds to a fresh one.

HeavyDuty Headband

Jumping? Running? Extreme rough descents? No matter how extreme your activity may be, the optional available Heavy Duty headband comes with two additional elastic straps for a maximum grip in every situation.


Content of delivery: Piko R lamp head with FrontClick bracket, Front/FastClick headband, Bluetooth remote with bracket & wristband, FrontClick helmet bracket, FastClick SmartCore 3.5 Ah battery, FastClick helmet bracket, hook & loop, Wiesel charger

Little helpers, huge benefits The ability to be seen aids in safety and helps to avoid accidents. Safety lights with white LED are also handy to find your way, look for keys or gear in your pack. Thanks to flexible holders the lights quickly attach to packs, hiking poles, pavillions, baby buggies and much more.

Little helpers, huge benefits

Fact Sheet of Lupine Piko R All-in-One Helmet- /Head Light Kombi-Set - 2100 lm

Product Name: Lupine Piko R All-in-One Helmet- /Head Light Kombi-Set - 2100 lm
Manufacturer: Lupine
Item Code: LUP550534
activity: Outdoor
battery ernergy: 25Wh
IP rating: IP68
max. luminous flux: 2100lm
maximum throw: 215m
light version: Helmet Light, Head Light
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 55g
manufacturer item code: 4500-204
Manufacturer page: http://www.lupine.de