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4iiii - Precise Power Meters for Everyone!

4iiii is a young brand from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, whose vocation is to develop technologies that change cycling - and at a price that everyone can pay. With nifty power meters, 4iiii has definitely achieved that goal. The matching heart rate strap also stands out from the competition with special features.

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4iiii - Experts for Smart Technologies

In case you haven't heard of 4iiii yet: You've most likely had some exposure to another invention by the 4iiii co-founders. Before 4iiii was founded, they invented the now ubiquitous transmission standard for cycling computers, heart rate belts and similar devices: ANT+. The then company Dynastream was sold to Garmin in 2006 and a new task had to be found. Four years later the time had come: 4iii was founded. Even before any concrete products were defined, the company's goal was clear: 4iiii wanted to develop first-class technologies for athletes that were affordable for everyone. Everyone should have the same opportunities as professional athletes.

4iiii's first product was a heart rate monitor with a small heads-up display that projected the current values directly onto the lens of the glasses. Next, 4iiii turned its attention to power meters. Believing that current systems were unreliable and overpriced, 4iiii unceremoniously developed its own system. In 2015, the 4iiii Precision Left Side power meter was unveiled. It was one of the most accurate power meters on the market at an affordable price - and it still is today! Over the years, various models in different price ranges were added. Today, 4iiii is the expert in power meters, heart rate belts and indoor smart trainers.

4iiii Powermeter - What's Under the Hood?

4iiii power meters are extremely accurate with +/- 1 percent deviation. They weigh only a few grams and fit all common Shimano cranks. The whole thing is available at an absolutely fair price, which is why powermeters from 4iiii are a round thing!

Core of the 4iiii power meter is the 3-D strain gauge technology. This takes into account that your pedal force is never exactly equal and consistent. When you're seated, the forces are different than when you're cradle pedaling. When you're exhausted, you pedal differently than when your legs are fresh. 4iiii technology takes all of these factors into account by using 3-D strain gauges to account for crank flex as well as twist and pull forces. In other words, no matter how you pedal, the power data displayed is extremely accurate under all conditions.

4iiii Power Meter: Connected Everywhere

Do you like to train on a smart indoor trainer in winter? Then you most likely know the problem that the ride feels "different" indoors than outdoors. Somehow the data displayed doesn't match how it feels, right? With 4iiii power meters, this problem is a thing of the past. Thanks to ANT+ or Bluetooth, you can pair the power meter with all popular devices. It doesn't matter if you have the power meter connected to your road bike outside or to your smarttrainer inside. The displayed performance data is the same everywhere. This way you can train insanely efficient.

4iiii Power Meters: For All Conditions

The company 4iiii is located at the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The weather there is often bad. That's probably the main reason why the topic of weather protection is totally important at 4iiii. As a result, all 4iiii products are completely waterproof (IPX7) and suitable for all conditions. By the way, the power meter automatically adjusts to the outside temperature. This active temperature regulation ensures that your power values are equally accurate in snow and in high summer. At 4iiii, they are extremely confident in the quality of their own products: A three-year warranty is a clear statement.

4iiii Power Meters: For All Conditions

4iiii Power Meter: The Models

4iiii Power Meter Precision Left Side

This model measures the pedaled force on one side of the crank, namely the left. You buy consequently only one crank arm, which makes this variant extremely favorable. The power meter is ride-ready. This means: You exchange the old crank arm against the one with power meter and can start right away. The power meter Precision 3 Left is available for all common Shimano cranks with Hollowtech II bottom bracket.

4iiii Power Meter Left Side Precision 3

The Precision 3 offers a significantly longer battery life compared to the Precision and also provides you with more data. This includes, for example, the cadence and the ambient temperature. Compared to the predecessor model, the height of the power meter unit is lower, which increases compatibility.

4iiii Power Meter Dual Side Precision Pro

The top model of the 4iiii power meter is equipped with dual measurement left and right. This allows you to use more data. This includes left/right balance, pedaling evenness and torque effectiveness. The 4iiii Precision Dual Side comes ride-ready - all you need to do is mount the crank. The two crank arms are included. The model Dual Side Precision Pro is recommended if you want to buy a new crank anyway.

4iiii Powermeter Left Side Precision 3

4iiii Viiiiva V100: Heart Rate Monitor Strap with That Little Bit Extra

The Viiiiva V100 is a chest strap for measuring your heart rate. It is waterproof according to IPX7. Its battery life is up to 200 hours and it uses ANT+ and Bluetooth. So far, so good. The Viiiiva V100 can do something even more special: It not only transmits the measured values, it can store them. What's more, it also stores data from paired devices such as a power meter. That's pretty handy: this way, you don't need another device to fully record your workouts. The 4iiii heart rate strap records everything for up to 65 hours. For example, if the battery of your bike computer is empty or you want to save the battery of your smartphone: The Viiiiva V100 records everything. You can pair the chest strap with ANT+ enabled devices in the gym and record everything without having to take additional devices with you.

4iiii Power Meter FAQ

How is the Power Meter Delivered?

All 4iiii power meters come fully assembled to your home. The measuring unit is attached by 4iiii to a brand new Shimano crank. This you only need to build your bike like a normal crank.

Will the 4iiii Power Meter fit on My Bike?

4iiii combines its power meter with Shimano cranks. If your bike fits a corresponding Shimano crank, the power meter will probably make no problems. At the point where the measuring unit of the power meter is connected to the crank, however, the crank is slightly wider. Test after installation better whether it turns and whether enough space is available.

How do I Display My Performance Data?

The 4iiii power meter only measures your performance data and transmits it to a corresponding device. That means you still need a receiver of the data, for example a bike computer, a sports watch or an indoor trainer. Before you start, you have to connect (pair) the powermeter with this device. How to do this is described in the user manual of your bike computer. Usually, this process is straightforward. If you don't want to have any data displayed during the ride and want to evaluate your ride afterwards, there is another exciting option. The 4iiii heart rate belt can do exactly that: if you connect it to your power meter, it is able to record all data of your ride for up to 65 hours. When you get home, you can download it and analyze it at your leisure.

What does the Power Meter Weigh?

The power meter technology is extremely light. For the Left-Side crank it weighs a mere 9 grams. The dual-side version brings 22 grams on the scale. In addition, of course, the weight of the crank. You can say: A 4iiii power meter is so light that you will not feel the difference.

Does the Power Meter Require a Battery?

The power meter needs energy to measure and transmit data. It obtains this from a 2032 button cell, which is included in the scope of delivery. They usually last for more than 100 hours.