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Busch + Müller – Bike Lights Made in Meinerzhagen

When it comes to bicycle lights, there's one brand you can't do without: Busch + Müller. The manufacturer from Sauerland is an expert in this field and is renowned for its excellent reputation. Not only because the products are top: Busch + Müller stands for high quality, regionality and sustainability. Whether it's a Busch + Müller front, rear or battery light: You choose a product that will last the life of your bike.

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Busch + Müller: Sustainable Bicycle Lights Made in Germany

Busch + Müller lights don't come from somewhere in the Far East. The company is located on the edge of the Sauerland, in Meinerzhagen to be precise. This is where the well-known Busch + Müller bike lights and everything that goes with them are made. Everything? Yes! It is impressive how consistently Busch + Müller implements "Made in Germany": from injection molds to small electrical terminals to the anodising of finished metal parts - Busch + Müller leaves nothing to chance.

The History of Busch + Müller Lights: It All Began with a Cow

This policy of Busch + Müller has nothing to do with the current sustainability trend. It is firmly anchored in the company DNA. The company's founders Willi Müller and August Busch were used to lending a hand. Their starting capital in 1925 was a cow that Grandpa Busch gave them. They had to make money out of it. At first, the two of them produced all kinds of things that could be sold. One of their first products were cat's eyes for bicycles. They were thick pieces of glass. And they were the forerunners of today's Busch + Müller bicycle lights. Since the 1980s, Busch + Müller has specialised in the production of bike lights. Since 1960, the company has been based at its current location in Meinerzhagen. This is a central point of the company's philosophy: Busch + Müller bicycle lighting and everything that goes with it is made here in Meinerzhagen. What you can't make yourself is not bought as cheaply as possible in the Far East, but in the region. A good example of this is the product packaging, which comes from a company around the corner.

Busch + Müller: High-Quality, Regional, Sustainable

This way of working is exactly what is understood today by the term sustainability. For a long time, this was not mentioned at Busch + Müller. But with this philosophy, the company meets the spirit of the times. For some time now, there has been a conscious focus on efforts for more sustainable products. This has resulted in the campaign called Friendly. Busch + Müller Friendly products are extra sustainable. A good example is the Busch + Müller IQ XS bicycle light: this light is made of compostable plastic. In addition, all packaging is redesigned to be plastic-free. Only FSC certified cardboard boxes are used instead. Larger measures are also implemented with a focus on sustainability. The new Busch + Müller building on the company premises is heated with cooling water from the plastic injection moulding plant. This cooling water is rainwater that is collected in a huge tank.

Not All Bicycle Lamps Are the Same: The Busch + Müller Difference

In the 2000s, Busch + Müller reinvented the bicycle light. Previously, weak halogen lights were standard. With the new LED lamps, more economical and more powerful bicycle lights were possible. 40 lux and more were no longer a problem. Busch + Müller bike lights set the standard not only in terms of light intensity: the distribution of the light cone is just as important. In order to get the optimum out of its own lights, Busch + Müller has its own light test track. Here, all lights are tested, optimised and prepared for road traffic: Every Busch + Müller bicycle light is approved according to road traffic regulations.

Busch + Müller Dynamo Front Light

Since the 1980s, Busch + Müller has focused on the production of bicycle front lights. Initially, these were – from today's perspective – low-power and inefficient lamps. With the advent of LED technology, a new era began, also for this company. At this time, Busch + Müller invented indirect LED lighting for bicycles. This meant a big boost in terms of efficiency and brightness. Today, Busch + Müller is a specialist for LED bicycle lighting. These models are so economical that they provide full power even at low speed in combination with a hub dynamo.

The IQ-X front light is a classic today. The high-performance light is bright, stylish, economical and delivers a luminous intensity of 100 lux. The new iQ-XS Friendly is an extra sustainable version of this. In addition, Busch + Müller offers a wide range of dynamo front lights so that there is a suitable one for your bike.

Busch + Müller Rear Light for Hub Dynamos

According to the front light, there is a matching Busch + Müller rear light. The company from the Sauerland region also defines the standard here. Did you know that Busch + Müller invented the parking light function for bicycle rear lights? This is one of the most famous inventions from them. Special lens and prism systems for a wide spread of light also come from Meinerzhagen. They ensure that other road users can better judge the distance to the bicycle in front and thus increase safety.

Busch + Müller rear lights are available in all kinds of designs: wide, portrait, round or minimalist small. It is important to consider where you want to mount your rear light. Some rear lights are designed to be mounted on the mudguard. Others are screwed to the rear of the luggage rack. And some come with a bracket that you can attach to the seat post, for example.

Busch + Müller Rechargeable Front Lights

With battery front lights and rechargeable rear lights from Busch + Müller you are flexible. They are perfect for bikes that you don't want to ride with permanently mounted lights – like sporty mountain bikes, featherweight road bikes or gravel bikes. The powerful battery lights from Busch + Müller are a charming solution for these bicycles. They are small, light and fit in every jersey pocket. When you get into the dark, you can mount them quickly. Also practical: they are very easy to switch between different bikes. Today with the MTB, tomorrow a round of gravel biking? No problem: the light is always on board.

Thanks to modern LED technology, battery front lights from Busch +Müller are extremely powerful. They are lightweight, small and stylish, just like the models for the hub dynamo or for e-bikes. With up to 170 lux, they offer impressive light intensity. This turns night into day. There are various mounts so that you can easily attach battery lights to your bike.

Busch + Müller Bike Lights for E-Bikes

E-bikes are the latest trend in the big bike world. Busch + Müller has adapted perfectly to this. Are you wondering what's different about a front light for e-bikes? The biggest difference is that lamps for hub dynamos work with a low voltage of 6 V and generate alternating voltage. Lamps for e-bikes are powered by the battery and work with DC voltage. Furthermore, these lamps are designed for larger voltage ranges. In addition to these technical features, this opens up an extended range of functions. The top models from Busch + Müller, for example, are equipped with a real high beam. With luminous intensities of up to 300 lux, e-bike lamps are extremely powerful.

The technical requirements also apply to e-bike rear lights from Busch + Müller. They are available for mounting on the luggage carrier, on the seat post or on the seat stay. As usual with Busch + Müller, high-power LEDs are used as well as the proven LineTec strip light technology. Thanks to special electronics, Busch + Müller e-bike rear lights offer a real brake light: A bright light pulse is emitted with every braking action, which improves safety in road traffic.