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Clarks – Brakes to Exceed Your Limitations

Clarks Cycle Systems has been producing high-quality brake systems for the past 60 years. By incorporating leading technology and innovations in their product design and manufacturing, bikers worldwide can now tackle more challenges and go further, having the confidence that only Clarks brakes provide. Their product range includes:

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Clarks Hydraulic Disc Brakes

For a cycling enthusiast who enjoys high-performance products, look no further than the Clarks hydraulic disc brakes. These brake systems are perfect for novices and expert riders alike, with high braking power in all weather. Clarks M2 Hydraulic Disc Brakes for example deliver high-level performance and braking power to MTBs and hybrid bikes, with the two-piston calliper on the Clarks M2 hydraulic disc brakes being perfect for enthusiastic riders. The sleek and compact design delivers in all weather conditions.

Clarks Mechanical Disc Brakes

One downside of hydraulic brakes is that they need regular maintenance to get the best performance out of them at all times. However, the Clarks mechanical disc brakes offer cyclists powerful all-weather braking but with minimal maintenance needs. The cable-operated brakes deliver consistent performance, given the positioning of the hub-mounted braking surface on the wheel rim. Clarks mechanical disc brakes are ideal for road and hybrid cyclists, who need robust braking systems without the extra weight and maintenance.

Clarks Brake Pads and Brake Shoes

  • Clarks makes brake pads to take you on any course without fear. The collection of brake pads for mechanical systems includes an organic version meant to reduce noise production and enhance longevity. The brake shoes from Clark keep weight at a minimum with their multi-compound construction. The tread patterns on the brake shoes are designed so that you perform your best, even in wet conditions. You also get to conserve the integrity of your rims while enjoying high performance. These shoes come in collections for mountain, road and hybrid ridings, V-brakes, and cartridge caliper brakes. 
  • VRX Sintered Disc Pads – The VRX series from Clarks is compatible with bikes meant for trail, competitions and downhill riding. The design features added carbon content, delivering maximum performance under the most stressful and extreme conditions. You can use them on hydraulic systems for sustained riding.
  • Clark VX Organic – If you’re using mechanical braking systems, these specially designed brake pads will be helpful. The disc brake pads, which incorporate an organic compound, have impressive noise reduction and performance under normal conditions.
  • MTB/Hybrid Elite Brake Pads – Are you worried that the dirt on your rims will hinder the performance of your braking system? If so, then do not worry. The MTB/Hybrid elite cartridge brakes from Clarks wipe off the dirt and deliver top performance while riding in all weather. These brake pads, designed with purpose, offer superior braking power and consistency and will complement any braking system on your bike. The brakes' dual contour design and length mean that your brakes have a wide contact surface with the rim, while the materials used are extremely lightweight.


Clarks comprehensive range of disc brake pads is compatible with almost all braking systems, new and old alike and offers unrivalled stopping power and longevity. 

Brake maintenance goes a long way in securing your ride. Clarks, therefore, offer a wide range of spare parts, including a universal bleed kit meant to work with different brake systems. The kit, which comes with an excellent combination of high-quality components, including stainless bleed nipples and seals.

Clarks Braking & Shifting Cables

The braking and shifting cables made by Clark are made of the best stainless steel and with weatherproof housings. They last long and always work.

Clarks gives you everything you need to explore your limits. Whether you enjoy the road or MTB riding, they have got the perfect brakes and best components for you.