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Columbia Sportswear – Reliable Outdoor Clothing for Your Adventures Out in Nature

The US brand Columbia Sportswear has stood for innovative, high-quality outdoor and performance clothing for over 80 years. True to the company’s motto ‘Made for Outside’, the products are designed to keep you reliably warm and dry on your adventures in the wild. The manufacturer is continuously developing new technologies to meet the high demands placed on its trousers, fleece jackets and hiking boots, for example. The result is sportswear that effectively reflects heat, repels water or regulates moisture.

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The Story Behind Columbia Clothing

The Columbia Sportswear Company’s story began in 1938. Having fled from Nazi Germany to America with their children a year earlier, husband and wife Paul and Marie Lammfromm bought a small hat factory in Portland, Oregon, and called it the ‘Columbia Hat Company’ – named after the Columbia River. At first they only produced hats, before expanding the product range at the end of the 1940s to include trousers and blazers and eventually also outdoor clothing and sportswear for skiing, hunting and fishing.

The brand hit the big time in the early 1980s when it developed the world’s first jacket with a removable lining. This so-called Bugaboo jacket was not only a real novelty – it also had a very affordable purchase price, which contributed to its resounding success.

In addition, Columbia Sportswear was the first company to offer weatherproof clothing made with the functional Gore-Tex membrane and thus quickly became known far beyond the borders of the USA. Today, the company stands for groundbreaking products, ingenious designs and sustainable manufacturing processes like no other – 100% ‘made for outside’.

Columbia Jackets, Boots or Shorts - A Range that Knows How to Impress all Round

Whether it’s a winter coat, shoes or performance shirt by Columbia: the manufacturer's comprehensive portfolio leaves hardly anything to be desired. All kinds of activities in the great outdoors can be enjoyed with optimal support thanks to the high-performance sportswear:

  • Winter jackets
  • Fleece jackets
  • Down jackets and puffer jackets
  • Rain jackets
  • Hiking boots
  • T-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Outdoor trousers
  • Tights

From outdoor basics for men and women to clothing and equipment especially for children, there is an optimal solution for every requirement. Lightweight rain jackets offer water-repellent protection in bad weather. Columbia fleece jackets can also be worn as a mid-layer on cold days, while responsibly made down jackets keep you toasty warm on particularly cold days thanks to TurboDown insulation.

And when it comes to your feet, the sportswear brand has the perfect footwear for every activity and every weather condition – from airy sandals for summer tours to multi-sport shoes with breathable mesh inserts to winter hiking boots with a hardwearing outer membrane.

The Columbia Sportswear product range is rounded off by stylish trousers, shorts, blouses, shirts and the like, which are not only visually impressive throughout the range, but also win customers over with their practical features.

All sportswear products and technologies are developed at the company’s site in Portland and put through their paces under demanding conditions in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Revolutionary Technologies from Columbia Sportswear

The two main functions of Columbia Sportswear’s performance clothing are to keep you warm and dry. In order to achieve these tasks while being as environmentally friendly as possible, the manufacturer has come up with quite a few ideas in recent years and developed its own pioneering technologies. We would like to introduce you to some of these innovations here.

Outdry – The Environmentally Friendly Columbia Waterproof Jackets and Shoes

With Outdry, the US sportswear manufacturer has developed a way to waterproof its rainwear without using any environmentally harmful perfluorinated carbon compounds – so-called PFCs – and without compromising on weather protection. The collection started with a rain jacket, but now also includes insulated jackets, down jackets and rainproof walking boots and running shoes.

As a rule, the brand only uses the most sustainable materials available on the market – including recycled materials, for example from old PET bottles. With Outdry Extreme Eco technology, the company is also actively committed to helping you explore the planet with minimal environmental impact.

This is reflected in the various awards that the jackets have won to date. This includes, for example, the renowned Root Award from Recreational Equipment (REI), which is awarded every year to the most innovative and responsibly produced new sportswear products.


Omni-Heat 3D – The Finest Thermal Protection from Columbia Sportswear

If you’re planning extensive tours or longer trips in cold temperatures, you'll find reliable support in Columbia Sportswear's patented Omni-Heat 3D technology. The jackets equipped with Omni-Heat 3D offer a high level of thermal protection combined with a particularly low weight. Small silver reflectors incorporated into the lining are responsible for this. These are able to store and reflect body heat, keeping the body pleasantly warm over a long period of time.

In addition, the jacket lining features small pods of soft fibres that create an air gap between the fabric and the body, providing thermal insulation and skin-friendly comfort. Excess heat and moisture dissipate easily thanks to excellent breathability and reliable moisture wicking.

TurboDown – The Columbia Down Jacket with Synthetic Insulation

Some particular Columbia Sportswear down jacket models are equipped with the high-performance TurboDown insulation. This combines the natural down warmth with synthetic insulation that is also light in weight.

This ingenious structure retains warmth and reduces cold spots on the body – even if the Columbia winter jacket for men and women gets damp. It is supported by the high breathability of the performance materials. So you will feel optimally wrapped up in moderate to extreme cold. 

Gryptonite – Columbia Shoes with Full Traction on Any Terrain

When you’re out on your outdoor adventures, the right footwear is at least as crucial as your outerwear. To ensure optimal traction on different surfaces in both wet and dry weather, Columbia Sportswear developed Gryptonite sole technology for its sports and hiking shoes.

Multi-directional studs provide reliable grip on any terrain. An outsole made of carbon rubber skilfully rounds off the functional scope of the sportswear and promises a high degree of durability. Trail running styles in particular benefit from this high-performance technology.

Sustainability as an Essential Part of Columbia Sportswear’s Corporate Philosophy

Columbia creates sustainable as well as innovative products with cult status that enable nature-loving people to enjoy their time in the wild for longer. In sportswear, care is taken to ensure that product manufacturing goes hand in hand with the brand’s commitment to people and the environment.

This is also reflected in the manufacturer’s involvement in various programmes that serve nature conservation or environmental management, for example. For example, Columbia Sportswear is working with the Planet Water Foundation to combat the global water emergency and provide clean drinking water to particularly disadvantaged communities.

In addition, the US company regularly measures, monitors and improves the environmental impact of its manufacturing process and is a bluesign® system partner. The bluesign® system takes a holistic approach that looks at the journey of each textile product along its manufacturing process and makes improvements at every stage – from the processing of raw materials to the final product ready for sale. This effectively and sustainably reduces the environmental impact of textile production.

Conclusion: Columbia Sportswear – The Power Brand for Your Adventures Outdoors

Columbia’s mission is not only to provide you with the best possible sportswear and equipment for your outdoor adventures. The idea of sustainability has also always been an integral part of the company’s philosophy.

Because if you want to enjoy the wild side of nature for a long time to come, you have to actively protect and conserve it. The responsible collections are therefore made with the lowest possible environmental impact, while still offering maximum performance and comfort when you’re back on your favourite terrain.