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KASK - First Class Bike Helmets for More Safety & Comfort

The still young but extremely successful Italian company KASK has specialized in the development and manufacture of helmets in every application area. Whether you are looking for a road bike, MTB or urban lifestyle helmet, you take no risks with a KASK bike helmet, because it offers safety and comfort in the highest degree. The proof: awards with prizes like ISPO or Eurobike. With KASK you are maximally protected on every ride.

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From Small Business to Excellent Helmet Specialist

In 2004, the company KASK was founded in Italy and since then has pursued only one goal: the production of helmets with a perfect balance of technology, functionality and safety, as well as an attractive "Made in Italy" design. In doing so, the company is constantly looking for potential for improvement in order to meet the highest quality requirements and customer demands. Today, KASK is one of the most successful helmet experts in the industry.

KASK manufactures helmets of the highest quality for various applications, all of which have undergone the most stringent safety and quality tests of the in-house ComfortSafetyDesign project (CSD). For example, the in-house WG11 safety test was introduced to determine helmet performance against rotational impacts - based on science, with real accident data. All KASK helmets successfully pass this test.

For cycling, the Italians develop ergonomic MTB helmets, road bike helmets and time trial helmets, as well as bike helmets for cyclocross, triathlon and urban lifestyle. So everyone, whether top athlete or recreational rider, will find the optimal head protection. The portfolio is complemented with matching accessories such as replacement visors or custom-made helmet pads.

KASK Road Bike Helmets: Road, Time Trial, Cyclocross & Triathlon

For the classic road sector, road cycling on the road, the company offers aerodynamic KASK road helmets with a particularly large number of ventilation holes, all of which offer maximum protection and comfort as well as minimal weight.

For example, the Protone WG11 stands for lightness thanks to its particularly low weight and offers superior aerodynamic properties with excellent ventilation. The Valegro WG11 bike helmet, developed with Team SKY, offers the best cooling through numerous ventilation openings and low weight - perfect for rides on hot days. With the Mojito³ WG11 you get a bike helmet icon with sporty rear and characteristic front as well as optimized ventilation and protection. Absolutely innovative - with adjustable airflow at the touch of a button and merino wool lining - the Wasabi is a versatile premium bike helmet that's ready for any fast ride. Designed with the Ineos Grenadiers, tested in the wind tunnel.

Hard to beat for versatility, the KASK Protone WG11 - whether classic on a road bike, off-road on a cyclocross or gravel bike or even in a triathlon - the all-rounder scores with superior aerodynamics, ventilation and safety.

The helmet experts also offer functional as well as aesthetic solutions for highly specific areas of application such as time trial and triathlon: Time trial helmets, such as the maximally aerodynamic Mistral and the innovative Bambino Pro with magnetic visor, can tip the scales on the track in the battle for the last meters.

With the aerodynamic Utopia WG11 triathlon helmet, you'll be faster than you can imagine. The smart design with intelligently placed vents keeps your head cool even on the hottest days.

KASK Road Bike Helmets: Road, Time Trial, Cyclocross & Triathlon

KASK MTB Helmets - Protection for All Off-Road Adventures

KASK MTB helmets guarantee you the highest possible protection on off-road rides.

The Rex WG11 is a real all-mountain off-road rebel. It offers extensive protection and comfort, is very light and super ventilated. It protects your entire head from the forehead to the temporal bone to the lower back of the head and offers a wide field of vision. With the Caipi WG11 you get a real all-rounder for the trail. He is a real lightweight, but still offers complete protection from the forehead area over the temple to the base of the skull as well as a pleasant ventilation.

The lightweight full carbon full-face helmet KASK Defender WG11 offers effective protection for the entire head and face area for your downhill, enduro or freeride adventures. Despite the all-round protection, your head is sufficiently ventilated by 18 vents.

KASK MTB Helmets - Protection for All Off-Road Adventures

Make the City Your Territory: KASK Urban Lifestyle Helmets for Everyday Riders & Commuters

You are looking for the right helmet for your city tours, which offers the highest protection and chic design at the same time? KASK Urban Lifestyle helmets offer you both!

The Rapido is a fast bike helmet with excellent ventilation in a sporty look, which at the same time ensures optimal protection and is therefore perfect for you as a city racer. Vintage and retro fans should take a look at the Lifestyle and Urban R WG11 helmets. Both offer extensive protection from forehead to back of the head and a trendy visor. The Lifestyle is equipped with a high-quality eco-leather chin strap, while the Urban R WG11 is a bit more sporty and features a synthetic leather chin strap. The KASK Moebius WG11 is the perfect blend of vintage design and sporty style. The commuter helmet presents a simple but elegant exterior and offers a scratch-resistant shell, vents and a removable visor.

Make the City Your Territory: KASK Urban Lifestyle Helmets for Everyday Riders & Commuters