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KCNC - High Quality Bike Parts from Aluminum & Titanium

At KCNC International, passionate engineers with experience, ingenuity and innovative ideas have ensured that the company is known worldwide. At the highest level, KCNC processes aluminum and titanium for the most famous bicycle brands in the industry. The guiding principle of KCNC is to produce the best bicycle parts in the world. These are to convince with a long life, extremely high quality and low weight. KCNC pedals, cassettes, seat posts, chainrings and much more are among the most popular on the market.

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KCNC Pedals & More - Bike Parts for Lightweight Fans with Quality Consciousness

Carbon is often used for lightweight bicycle parts and components. However, aluminum also offers the possibility to construct extremely lightweight bicycle parts. The Taiwanese manufacturer has specialized in this area. KCNC cassettes, KCNC seat posts, KCNC headsets and many other components made of aluminum or titanium are among the lightest on the market. But the quality also plays an important role. The decades of experience of the engineers pays off in the form of high quality and durable bike parts.

KCNC - CNC Machined Pedals, Chainrings, Cassettes and Seatposts in Perfection

Who wonders where the company has its company name, should look at the letters in detail. KCNC chainrings and Co. are manufactured by means of elaborate CNC milling technology. By using modern milling machines in combination with innovative control technology, KCNC produces precisely processed products. Thus, the manufacturer guarantees a consistently high quality. The various KCNC bike parts get unusual and innovative shapes, which should further improve the performance while riding.

KCNC - No More Boring One-Colored Bike Parts!

From the beginning, a wide range of colors was the ambition of the Taiwanese company. Whether you are looking for a KCNC headset or a KCNC quick release, you will have the choice between numerous colors. Most products the company offers in different anodized colors, so you can perfectly match your new bike parts to your bike.