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The Kryptonite Bike Lock – Stable and Secure

When you buy a high-quality bike, it’s possible to lose it quickly – and not by reselling it for a profit. Unfortunately, premium bikes are very popular with thieves. However, a Kryptonite Bike Lock offers good protection because of its solid and robust construction. Kryptonite Bike Locks come in many different designs, with different security standards that can be used depending on your needs and type of bike.

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Introducing the Kryptonite Company

In 1971, the New York company Kryptonite began manufacturing padlocks. Due to the extremely high crime rate in New York at the time, the founder recognised a gap in the market for particularly secure bicycle locks. There’s a reason that the company's best products are called Kryptonite New York. The company soon became known for the high safety level of its products and found more and more satisfied customers. Today Kryptonite products are sold all over the world and are mainly distributed through online shops. Since the company also offers theft protection for the respective bike with the Key Safe programme with a Kryptonite lock, the purchase is doubly secure.

Kryptonite Chain Locks

The Kryptonite Chain Lock is 1 metre long and is one of the world's safest bicycle locks. The unbreakable lock is made from hardened steel and weighs several kilos. The most stable product is the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410. It weighs approximately 5 kg and has a safety score of 10/10. The 14 mm thick hexagonal chain should make the lock crack-proof, as it is extremely difficult to grasp with pliers. The chain is also protected from moisture and breakage by a waterproof nylon cover. This Kryptonite Bicycle Lock is especially useful for protecting very expensive bicycles that need to be parked for longer periods of time.

Kryptonite U-Lock

The Kryptonite U-lock is also made of hardened steel and can be stowed away easily in hand luggage or backpacks thanks to its compact size. This means that the U-lock is ideal for travellers and campers. But it is also useful in situations when the bike will only be parked for a short time. Cyclists often favour this type of bike lock, as it can be easily attached to a trouser belt so that the owner always has it close at hand. The security standard is up to 10/10. By and large, the U-lock is one of the most compact and secure types of bike locks around.

Kryptonite Folding Lock

With the Kryptonite Folding Lock you can hold a compact, foldable Bike Lock in your hand. Its 5 mm thick steel links have a plastic covering to protect the bike against scratch damage. However, the security standard is slightly lower here at just 6/10. Anyone who needs a bottle cage attachment for their bike is well served with the folding lock, especially if the bike is not likely to be in the same place for too long. The folding lock is available in several bold colours.


Kryptonite Combination Lock

The Kryptonite Combination Lock is a classic bicycle lock that comes in several colours. This model will be especially useful when cycling in groups. The flexible steel cable of the cheapest variant is secured by a 3-digit code on the lock. However, free theft protection is no longer available in the first year with this model. This matters, because while the combination lock is the cheapest model, it is also the least secure bicycle lock style. Of course, there are also combination locks with a 4 or 5-digit code, and these will be more secure. Depending on the version, the Kryptonite Lock with a number code also comes in different lengths.

Which Kryptonite Lock you choose ultimately depends on whether you park your bike in a metropolitan area or a rural area, as the risk of theft is lower in the latter. You should also make sure that you can stow your bike lock well and that it does not get in the way of your activities.