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SILVA – Headlamps, Compasses & Equipment for Sports, Outdoor & Work

SILVA has been developing excellent outdoor equipment since 1933. This includes headlamps, compasses, dry bags, waterproof backpacks, run belts, hydration packs, pedometers and binoculars. Put to the test by the harsh seasons of Scandinavia, the rainy autumn and the snowy, dark winters, all products are the preferred choice for orienteers and outdoor athletes around the world.

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SILVA's history began in 1933 with the invention of the first liquid-filled compass by the brothers Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström. With this solution, they were able to set a new, more precise standard for navigation devices. A few years later, the first SILVA headlamp was added. The course was set for a success story and groundbreaking innovations for outdoor adventurers and orienteers. All products are put through their paces by SILVA itself and brand ambassadors and are perfected through customer feedback. Especially the shapely and innovative headlamps have been receiving award after awardthe last few years.

SILVA Compasses - Just Follow the Needle

As soon as your feet leave known paths, you can relax and leave the guidance to the compasses of SILVA Many inventions have been made by the Swedes, e.g. the first liquid-filled compass and the first mirror compass. Classics like the powerful Expedition or the popular Ranger are available in different versions for different purposes - as a basic version, a version with a bearing mirror or even with a global needle for worldwide use. For orienteers there are thumb compasses like the Nor, the Race or the new Jet, which offer excellent haptic for use during running as well as a short stabilization time.

SILVA Headlamps - So You Don't Have to Stay in the Dark

So that your outdoor adventure does not have to end with the sunset, SILVA offers powerful headlamps. The SILVA Trail Runner was specifically developed for running, has a slim design and low weight. The Explorer model is designed for all adventures on land and water, is 100% waterproof and contains red light for night vision and orange light for better map legibility. Perfect for mountaineering, kayaking or hiking. SILVA offers headlamps with different types of batteries for each model. For regular use, it is recommended to choose a model with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, while alkaline batteries are available for irregular use or long periods of use. For those who do not want to compromise, the headlamps are available in an "Ultra" version. Here, a lithium polymer battery is combined with a battery pack for three AAA batteries for the ultimate light duration. 

Waterproof backpacks, dry bags, drinking backpacks, hydration belts and binoculars round off SILVA's portfolio - for a perfect outdoor experience.