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Lightweight Wheels - The Fascination of Carbon

The high-end products of Lightweight are manufactured in Germany. The carbon wheels are not only a flagship of German engineering, they also pave the way to victory for ambitious cyclists. Since the 90s, Lightweight wheels have been the epitome of precision, passion and innovation. Rediscover the world of road cycling and achieve the extraordinary.

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What Makes Lightweight Wheelsets Special

Lightweight wheelsets represent the highest level of road cycling performance. Each wheel is 100% handmade and unique, combining minimum weight with maximum stability. Explosive acceleration, precise handling and unrivaled quality - this is Lightweight. More than just a component of your road bike, these wheels are a statement. A masterpiece that the pros trust - and that you can feel the precision and attention to detail with every pedal stroke. With Lightweight you choose the highest quality made in Germany.

The History of Lightweight

Horses and sports cars: What has that got to do with Lightweight? Quite a lot, because that's how the German manufacturer's success story began. Heinz Obermayer and Rudolf Dierl started out in a garage making carbon parts for cars and carbon wheels for horse racing - until an acquaintance gave them the idea of making components for bicycles.

The first disc wheel was created in 1990, and five years later Obermayer and Dierl founded the company Lightweight. The breakthrough came in 1997 when Jan Ullrich won the Tour de France on Lightweight wheels. Demand boomed and Obermayer and Dierl expanded the business with Erhard Wissler in 2002. Today, top athletes around the world know and appreciate Lightweight for its premium carbon wheels.

Carbon: The Material of Lightweight's Success

Lightweight and carbon are inseparable. The German manufacturer and the composite material are linked by a fascination, a passion and a love that make top-class performance and quality possible. Lightweight wheels are not "just" made of carbon, they are made of carbon. From the hub to the rim to the spokes - no compromises. This makes the handmade wheels lighter and stiffer. What does this mean for you?

  • Direct handling and no-loss power transmission from the axle to the road.
  • Every step you take is immediately translated into propulsion.
  • Maximum acceleration with minimum weight.
  • Precise steering and stability thanks to optimized stiffness.

Lightweight is a promise of top performance.

Lightweight Wheels for Road, Cyclocross and Triathlon

Lightweight is a brand for winners: The manufacturer offers sophisticated wheels with unique carbon technology. The goal? Highly developed wheels for top performance on the road. Discover the different wheel models for road, triathlon, cyclocross and track:

  • MEILENSTEIN is a wheel for eternity. Innovative carbon technology ensures maximum stiffness with minimum weight, making it the perfect partner for top performance on any terrain.
  • PFADFINDER EVO takes you beyond the road. This wheel is lightweight thanks to its robust construction, wider tyres and special rim shape. The unique carbon technology provides the perfect balance between stiffness and comfort. Discover new paths with the PFADFINDER EVO.
  • FERNWEG gives you an extra portion of aerodynamics and speed. This masterpiece is the first choice for time trials and triathlon. Its optimised rim shape cuts through the wind - even in side gusts. At the same time, the use of full carbon ensures exceptional stiffness.
  • OBERMAYER EVO, named after co-founder Obermayer, is the wheel for all mountain climbers. The precise carbon construction guarantees maximum stability and control even on the most challenging descents - and it's extremely light.
  • AUTOBAHN is a full carbon wheel designed for triathlon bikes. With an aerodynamically optimised rim shape and unparalleled stiffness, it is predestined for time trials. Minimise drag, maximise power transfer, especially out of corners. A wheel for real speed hunters.

Lightweight Technology

Lightweight wheels combine precision craftsmanship with innovative technology. The meticulous coordination of all components is at the heart of Lightweight technology. Perfection at every level is what makes the brand's products so unique:

  • The rim-to-rim design: the carbon spokes run uninterrupted from the hub to the other side of the rim. High rigidity is the result.
  • Pentagon hub technology: With disc brakes, this technology ensures optimum power transmission from the disc to the tyre. The heat generated by friction is reliably dissipated. You benefit from safety and efficiency when braking.
  • LCC Carbon: Lightweight uses Lightweight Custom Composite Carbon. The material consists of very thin prepregs with strong and stiff fibre types, which allows you to reduce the influence of wall thickness.
  • Active Foam Core: The patented foam inside the rim ensures that Lightweight wheels run smoothly and are stiff. It also prevents deformation.

More Lightweight Carbon Parts for Top Performance

Increase your chances of winning by using other high-quality Lightweight components with an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. The RACE HANDLEBAR and CONTACT HANDLEBAR are designed for comfort and steering precision. The BÜGELHALTER stem and EDELHELFER, an ultra-light and extremely strong bottle cage, add the finishing touches.

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