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woman on a city Bike
woman on a city bike


How to choose a bike which suits you? Read on.

What Is Your Lifestyle – How Do You Want to Use Your New Bike?

We help you to find the bike that best suits your lifestyle! For this, you should ask yourself what you would like to use your bike for? Do you want it as a practical companion for your daily journeys and to help you transport things? Are you looking for a sporty balance and do you love to explore your surroundings with friends or alone? Or do you look at cycling more from a performance perspective?

Bike Types at a Glance

Wide handlebars, narrow tires, with or without a motor – the colourful variety of different types of bikes has always been a source of fascination for many people. Nowadays, the range of bikes for the fields applications is vast and the question quickly arises: How to choose a bike, which suits best to my lifestyle?

Woman on a City bike cycling through the city

City Bikes

Whether with or without a motor, city bikes are perfectly suited to your needs in the urban jungle and are therefore the ideal mobility solution for getting around the city healthily and independently.

Man and woman on trekking bikes

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are real all-rounders and become even more versatile with engine power. Whether road, forest path or gravel track – with a trekking bike you can tackle long or mountainous tours as well as everyday activities without any problems.

Man and woman on gravel bikes in a wood

Gravel Bikes

Where the road ends, the fun begins for a gravel biker. Gravel bikes are suitable for moderate terrain, but also for the road. So whether for sporty after-work laps or maximum flexibility in everyday life, this type of bike is the perfect choice.

group of road cyclists

Road Bikes

The road bike stands for purist design and sporty cycling on the finest asphalt and quickly invites you to chase records thanks to its particularly good rolling characteristics. The E version lets you fly effortlessly over the road, even uphill.

Woman and man mountainbiking with e-mtbs

Mountain Bikes

The MTB is suitable for almost any surface and can offer you everything from relaxed off-road riding fun to 100% action on the trails in rough terrain. E-MTBs are also no longer a rarity. Even sworn MTB riders say: pure riding fun!

young girl on a children bike

Kid's Bikes

From the first attempts on a balance bike to a cycling trip with the family – riding two wheels together brings joy and fun! That's why you'll find everything a little cyclist's heart desires in our diverse selection, from balance bikes and classic children's bikes to kids' MTBs.

Does an E-Bike Suit You?

In contrast to the classic bicycle, an e-bike is equipped with an electric motor that supports the pedalling power of the rider. Many electric bikes are not recognisable as such at first glance because the motors and batteries are inconspicuously housed, for example in the frame. Your preferences and demands on the terrain determine the choice of e-bike. As with the classic bio-bike, there are also different types of electric bikes. The most common representatives are comfortable city cruisers, powerful trekking or touring bikes and sporty e-mountain bikes. But Electric Road Bikes or Electric Cargo Bikes are also becoming increasingly popular.

E-bikes are ideal for people who like to cycle a lot. They are suitable for commuting as an alternative to the car, for long bike tours with a lot of luggage or even for longer distances with an uphill.

What's Your Style – How Do You Want to Use Your New Bike?

Good consulting on bikes often mainly aims at defining the future field of applications. At BIKE24, we like to go one step further and help you find the specific bike types that best fit your lifestyle. Based on years of experience talking to customers and, of course, the passion for the different types of bikes, we have defined three riding styles. Let's get into detail.

More and more people want to live in a more sustainable way. So, when they are looking for a green way to get from A to B in everyday life, riding a bike is the best solution. If this suits your mindset, you are a sustainably oriented daily and touring cyclist, as well. You should consider versatile bike and e-bike types such as trekking, city or cargo bikes.

Quality time without being active is impossible for you? And you like to explore your environment with a bit of excitement together with friends or sometimes on your own? Then you are most likely an ambitious recreational bike explorer looking for a capable bike for cool excursions. Mountain, road, gravel, cross and fitness bikes, including those with electric motors, are a good place to start.

If you ride more than 10,000 km a year and like to compete regularly, you got the lifestyle of a high performer. Furthermore, for this type of cyclists it is most common to systematically improve performance. Most of those athletes also like to ride a fancy bike, but capability comes first. Among the different types of bikes MTBs, road and gravel bikes are especially recommended.

What Do You Need to Think about before Buying a Bike?

Now that you have answered the question of which type of bike is right for you, there are some general questions that you can use as a guide:

  • Classic bike or e-bike? 
  • What budget do you have for your new bike? 
  • Which frame size is right for you?
  • What equipment is relevant for you?

We will help you find the answers to these questions in our service overview.

Woman on an electric city bike


"When others are still stuck in traffic, I'm already there. I love using my e-bike in the city for all my trips. Whether it's to work, shopping or when I meet up with friends - I'm almost always on my bike."

Men on an mountain bike jumping


"I often ride my Norco mountain bike at the Wachwitzer Höhenpark. For me, what counts most is having fun with friends, getting some adrenaline and sore muscles the next day - then it was a good afternoon."

men on a trekking bike


"I like to get on my bike first thing in the morning and ride to work. That and cycling trips are what I mainly use my trekking bike for. Cycling helps give me the balance I need in my everyday life."

girl with a new bike


"Because my old bike got too small over the winter, I was allowed to choose a new one. Dad usually orders from BIKE24 and luckily they had one available in my favourite colour, purple. It also has gears."

Still of an gravel bike in the woods

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How to Order Your Bike Online from BIKE24

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1. Order Your New Bike

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2. We Ship Bikes Preassembled

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3. Arrange Delivery Date & Finish the Assembly

Our carrier will deliver on your date of choice. And with our instructions, the final set-up can be completed in a few minutes.

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