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Hi-Vis – Reflective High-Visibility Apparel, Lights & Accessories for Illuminating Visibility and Maximum Safety

Visibility means freedom. Especially when the days get shorter and bad weather more frequent, it becomes clear how important reflective elements and lights are for relaxed city trips, after-work runs, commuting or nocturnal forest adventures. Hi-Vis (also hi-viz) includes all clothing and equipment that provides high visibility and safety through reflection and bright colours. From neon yellow high-visibility vests or rain jackets to helmets, bike bags or bike lights: be fully seen as you are!

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Hi-Vis - Reflective High-Visibility Apparel & Accessories for Illuminating Visibility and Maximum Safety

Illumination in Road Traffic - Visibility Creates Safety!

The severity of road traffic accidents is 2-3 times higher in the dark than in daylight. Pedestrians, runners and cyclists are affected by serious accidents much more often than the traffic situation would suggest. The main reason for this is that they are often detected too late by approaching vehicles. Good bike lights and powerful headlamps ensure that athletes and commuters can keep an eye on the road, but they do not always provide sufficient reflective surface for timely recognition. So the only way to be on the safe side is to have generously reflecting and illuminating elements on your clothes and on your bike. 

Hi-Vis - Reflective High-Visibility Apparel & Accessories for Illuminating Visibility and Maximum Safety

Hi-Vis Cycling Clothing & Accessories for High Visibility on the Road and in the City

Especially when cycling, the importance of Hi-Viz clothing can hardly be overestimated. Both in chaotic city traffic and at high speeds on country roads, it is advisable to have at least a selection of Hi-Vis jackets, tops, pants, bike shoes or overshoes, caps, socks, gloves, scarves or helmets with reflective designs for the dark season in your repertoire. Practical neon-yellow visibility vests can also be stowed away in a "reflective" bicycle bag, similar to helmet covers and luminous backpack rain covers, to ensure safety when the sunset arrives faster than expected.

No matter how much your bike is worth, your life is more valuable. Accessories and components that are specifically designed to help you be seen quickly help you protect it and make you look fresh. Spoke reflectors, reflective frame and rim stickers, tires with reflective strips or even pedals or handlebars in neon colors: let your bike shine! 

Hi-Vis - Reflective High-Visibility Apparel & Accessories for Illuminating Visibility and Maximum Safety

Hi-Viz Apparel and Shoes for Runners and Active People

Even on two legs, at lower speeds but with high potential to be overlooked, safety in the dark can hardly be overemphasized. In addition to the practical visibility vests that were already mentioned, items of clothing are particularly advantageous when running or inline skating, as they help other road users to assess and grasp you as you move from top to bottom. For this purpose, many running shoes are equipped with reflective details or logos. Neon compression socks or special Hi-Vis sports socks support the enlightening effect. Warming autumn and winter running pants, tops, caps, tubular scarves or thermal jackets and rain jackets also often offer light-reflecting structures or are designed directly in beautiful "neon yellow". Enjoy the freedom of visibility at any time of day!