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Alpina Sports Bike Helmets & Eyewear – Uncompromising Protection for Head & Eyes

Alpina Sports is one of the very large manufacturers of sports glasses and cycle helmets. Since 1980, Alpina has focused on producing uncompromising protection products with advanced technologies. It all began with clever sunglasses for cycling, running, leisure and touring in the snow. Shortly afterwards, the range was expanded to include comfortable, super light and optimally ventilated bicycle helmets.

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Since 1980, when the company was founded in Friedberg, Bavaria, Alpina Sports became one of the leading bicycle helmet manufacturer through progress and innovation. The fundamental criterion for all products is unlimited safety, ergonomics and comfort. To achieve these and set new benchmarks, Alpina is constantly researching, developing and testing the latest technologies and materials. Contemporary designs ensure a cool style.

Alpina Helmets – Maximum Safety & Outstanding Comfort

The lightweight, optimally ventilated helmets meet all required standards and are tested far beyond. Whether you are road cyclist, enduro rider, commuter in city traffic or mountain biker - your protection is always the first priority. The extensive range includes the right helmet for every category and there are also helmets for children.

Alpina bicycle helmets are characterised by an extraordinarily comfortable fit - because if even the safest helmet does not feel comfortable, it is not safe for anyone. Because then it will most likely not be worn, or only very reluctantly. That's why Alpina puts a lot of technology into the helmets to help you fit the helmet perfectly to your head, e.g. the adjustment system at the back of the head helps to adjust the helmet's optimum fit in height and in width. The Ergomatic closure has a multi-stage automatic lock and can even be operated with just one hand. Very practical when you are driving uphill or downhill for a long time, if you want to loosen or tighten the strap quickly and easily.

For optimal ventilation and air conditioning of your head, Alpina relies on a strategic arrangement of the ventilation openings.

Alpina – Bike helmets, sports & sunglasses for the highest demands

Alpina Eyewear – For More Safety & Better Vision

In addition to safe bicycle helmets, Alpina also produces high-quality sports glasses. The glasses for cyclists, runners, winter sports and lifestyle ensure clear vision in all weather conditions. Alpina's lens technologies have been leading the way for decades and offer uncompromising protection against light radiation, drafts and insects. Innovative technologies that improve your vision include Polarized and Quattroflex - both lenses with polarizing filters that minimize reflections and glare and significantly increase contrast. Lenses with Quattroflex polarizing filters are brighter than Polarized lenses, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. Alpina's Mirror lenses can do more than just look cool. Several mirror layers on the lens prevent aggressive glare and infrared light. Especially remarkable are Alpina's Varioflex lenses. The photochromic, i.e. self-tinting lenses automatically adapt to the prevailing light conditions, becoming darker in sunlight and brighter in darker surroundings - and all this in a matter of seconds.

Alpina – Helmets & glasses for all disciplines & circumstances – Racing bike, MTB, enduro, urban traffic