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Benno Bikes - Stylish & Comfortable Cargo E-Bikes

Benno Bikes was founded in 2015 by former Electra Bicycle Company co-founder Benno Baenziger. The brand from California is focused on those who need a bike that combines the utility of a cargo bike with the performance of an agile e-bike. That's why Benno designed the Etility® Bikes: A new e-bike category designed for smooth riding and versatile transport options.

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E-Bike + Utility + Agility = Etility® by Benno Bikes

It all started with the idea of a frame design that combines the riding characteristics of an e-bike with the utility of a cargo bike. So in 2015, Benno Baenzinger founded his own brand. Benno Bikes was born. His goal: to inspire more people to ride bikes and allow them to ride further and more often. This resulted in a completely new e-bike category, which at Benno they call Etility® Bikes: stylish and functional long tail bikes that can carry more than traditional bikes without sacrificing agility.

Benno Bikes: E-Bikes with More Features & Style

Riding well, looking good and being able to do more is the credo of Benno Bikes. Typical for all Benno bicycles are the following features:

  • Short wheelbase for a direct and stable ride.
  • High-quality components and powerful e-bike motors from Bosch.
  • Simple and individual configuration options for different transport needs.
  • Utility rack for extra high load capacity and compatibility with bike accessories such as child bike seats and pannier racks.
  • Wide tires for more comfort and puncture protection

The Benno E-Bike Range

  • Benno Bikes Boost: 24" e-bike with plenty of transport options
  • Benno Bikes eJoy: Versatile 26" low entry bicycle in retro design
  • Benno Bikes eScout: Versatile 27.5" cargo e-bike with robust carrier
  • Benno Bikes RemiDemi: Small 20" cargo e-funbike with low entry and smart pannier loading options