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Basso Road Bikes & Gravel Bikes: Elegance & Performance Combined Perfectly

Basso is one of Italy's exceptional road bike manufacturers since 1977. The family-owned company from Vicenza traditionally stands for timeless beautiful road bikes and gravel bikes with a simple elegance. Whether Basso Palta, Basso Diamante or Basso Venta, Basso bicycles offer you the riding experience that drives you to keep riding. Basso Bikes: Ride, Perfected.

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Basso Road Bikes: Italian Bicycles for a Unique Riding Experience

All began with 11 tubes and the ambition to build a road bike frame that would offer optimal handling for taller cyclists. The project became a success and Alcide Basso founded Cicli Basso in 1977 with his brothers Renato and Marino - the 1972 road world champion. The love of cycling and the relentless pursuit of achieving a unique riding experience with every Basso bike has characterized the brand ever since. The Basso steel frames were top processed and convinced the clientele with a simple and timeless design. In the early 90s, the Basso brothers experiment with aluminum-carbon models. 

Today, Basso road bikes and Basso gravel bikes consist of high-quality carbon frames, which are optimally adapted to the rider and the intended use. Performance, durability and a stylish design have remained the unmistakable hallmarks of Basso bikes. And, of course, every Basso bicycle is and remains a genuine "Made in Italy" manufacture.

Basso Palta, Basso Venta or Basso Astra? How to Find Your Perfect Basso Bike

Basso Bikes mainly produces bicycles for racing and most of the Basso frames and bikes have integrated stem and headset solutions. More unique features are the integrated seatpost and specially shaped tubes which make the road bikes particularly aerodynamic. At the same time, Basso road bikes and Basso gravel bikes are also ideally suited for ambitious hobby riders. That's why a special focus is traditionally placed on the handling and durability of Basso bikes.

Basso Road Bikes

Stable, efficient and easy to handle - Basso meets all your expectations of a perfect road bike.

The Basso Diamante represents what Italian engineering is all about: high-quality materials, stylishly designed and manufactured with attention to every detail. The curved fork stands out from the conventional design and provides a lot of stability. And thanks to the comfortable seating position, this absolute race bike convinces with outstanding all-round qualities.

Manufactured in Italy for over 30 years, the Basso Astra offers a successful combination of long-distance quality and aggressive handling.The extremely stiff frame is - like the Diamante series - made of high-modulus carbon. The modern frame geometry ensures a more direct power transmission, absolutely superior handling and more comfort in the seat area. 

The Basso Venta is the classic in the road bike portflio of the Italians: handmade like the higher-quality models, the Venta and the Basso Venta Disc impress with a fantastic price-performance ratio.

Basso Gravelbikes

With the Basso Palta the Italians define Gravel in a new way. The unique geometry of the carbon frame and the advanced fork struts provide a noticeable vibration damping. Tire clearance up to 45mm allows you to perfectly tune the handling of your Palta to the surface. 

The Basso Tera surprises with its own frame concept. Basso's performance gravel bike is made of carbon and aluminum and generates 8mm of suspension travel via the unique rear triangle design.


With a road or gravel bike from Basso, you own an Italian work of art. To adapt your riding experience to your needs, you can also find practical bike accessories as well as high-quality bike pedals, and road bike shoes on BIKE24.