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Bryton GPS Cycling Computer: A Breath of Fresh Air for Navigation and Training Control

Bryton is a young brand from Taiwan that is preparing to compete against the top dogs in the industry. With the combined know-how of electronics developers and marketing experts, Bryton Sport has made a name for itself in a short time. The concept works: Bryton builds modern cycling computers with a full range of functions and offers them at a good price-performance ratio. Here we give you an overview of the Bryton bike computers.

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The Bryton Flagship: The Rider S800

The Bryton GPS computer Rider S800 is the flagship of the new Bryton S-series. Visually, it catches the eye with its impressive touchscreen display. "Under the hood" he impresses with all the features that you can wish for a modern top GPS bike computer. Highlights are - besides the usual navigation functions - the compatibility with indoor smart trainers, the live tracking function and the safety feature ANT+ radar. In the following, we will go into detail about selected features.

Bryton GPS Cycling Computer: A Breath of Fresh Air for Navigation and Training Control

Bryton Rider S800 Hard Facts

With its 3.4-inch color display, the Rider 800 is one of the larger GPS bike computers: it is 105 mm high, 58.5 mm wide and 14.2 mm deep. With these dimensions, it weighs 106 grams. Its battery life is up to an impressive 36 hours. To recharge, you connect the bike computer to the power via USB-C cable. The Rider 800 has extensive connectivity options. It can be paired with the following devices:

  • Smart Exercise Bike
  • E-Bike (LEV/Shimano Steps)
  • Electronic gears
  • Bike Radar
  • ANT+ (for example power meters, heart rate belts, cadence sensors)

Everything in View: The 3.4 inch Display

Thanks to a special reflective layer, the display of the Rider S800 is perfectly readable under all conditions. With its ambient light sensor, it automatically adjusts to the current brightness. Whether in the bright sun or in the dark forest: You always have everything in view. The touchscreen gives you intuitive access to all functions.

Exciting Features with the Bryton App

You can unlock the full potential of the Bryton Rider 800 in combination with the Bryton Active app. The app ensures, for example, that all rides are automatically synchronized with Strava. And it can do even more. The "Group Ride" is an exciting way to add variety to your training. You can invite friends and watch where they are in real time on the display. There is also a group chat function: You want to take a break? Just share it with the others. By the way: All other Bryton bike computers are also compatible with the Active app.

Bryton Voice Control: Keep Your Hands on the Handlebar!

Fiddling with the bike computer while riding is uncomfortable and it distracts you. With the Bryton Rider 800, that's a thing of the past. It can be operated by voice control. With an existing Internet connection, you no longer need to laboriously navigate through the menu. Tell him what you want and he follows your word!

Train Like a Pro

The Bryton Rider S800 supports Cycling Dynamics. When you train with compatible power meter pedals, it opens up new ways to control your workout. Many advanced training features are designed to help you get the most out of your time on the bike. With the Bryton Rider S800, you have your trainer on board at all times! And if it's too nasty outside, pair the bike computer at home with your smart indoor trainer. Your workout has never been so smart!

More Safety with Radar

If you want to use radar components, you can easily pair them with the Bryton Rider S800. The bike computer then displays approaching vehicles and gives acoustic warnings if desired. Thanks to this function, you always have an overview of what's happening around you.

Never Miss a Thing with Smart Notifications

Cycling without annoying emails, calls or messages is something great. But you can't always afford that luxury. The Bryton Rider 800 is a convenient way to keep you connected. When paired with your smartphone, it notifies you of calls, emails and notifications. You can be sure that you won't miss anything and enjoy your bike ride with peace of mind.

Exciting Features with the Bryton App

Bryton Rider S500: Little Brother, Big Function

The Rider S500 is a compact GPS bike computer designed specifically for professional cyclists. It's lightweight, aerodynamic and packed with features to help you get the most out of your training. Like its big brother, the Rider S500 can be operated via voice control. When it comes to connectivity, it offers the same features. It pairs with your smartphone, with your smart indoor trainer, and with all sorts of ANT+ devices. This opens up the same exciting possibilities as we described above for the Rider S800. At 24 hours, the battery life of the compact device is shorter, but the Rider S500 is significantly more compact and lighter.

Bryton Navi: The Right Bike Computer for Anyone

In addition to the two top models Rider S800 and Rider S500 Bryton has many other GPS bike computers in the program:

  • The Bryton Rider 750 is the former top model. It offers you an insane amount of features at a fair price. Compared to the Rider S800, the hardware is kept simpler. In addition, the battery life is only around 20 hours.
  • The Bryton Rider 420 and Bryton Rider 320 models are deliberately kept simple. This way, you can enjoy an unimagined ease of use and find the most important functions right away. If navigation and training functions are most important to you, these two models are right for you. The limited range of functions and the simpler display offer a big advantage: The battery life impresses with an impressive 35 hours.
  • The Bryton Rider 15 models offer you the entry into the world of Bryton GPS bike computers. They are equipped with all important basic functions and can also be synchronized with the Bryton APP.
Bryton Navi: The Right Bike Computer for Anyone