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Devold – Merino-Wear from Norway

The Outdoor expert Devold combines all the advantages of merino wool in its products – such as moisture management, insulation, temperature regulation and prevention of odour. The wool for the baselayers, socks, shirts and sweaters is sourced only from certified farms based in Argentina, Australia and New Zealand to ensure Devold's highest quality standards.

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Devold Combines Tradition and Modernity

For more than 160 years Devold has been working with the natural fiber wool and can thus justifiably call itself an expert in wool and merino wool clothing for outdoor activities. In 1853, the Norwegian Ole Andreas Devold founded the brand to help fishermen brave the Scandinavian cold. With the help of state-of-the-art machines and innovative technologies, the first woollen gloves were quickly complemented by other products such as scarves, knitted caps, wool socks and warming underwear. Comfort and performance still go hand in hand and are the focus of the high-quality clothing. Devold is thereby always inspired by the natural conditions and the harsh climate of Scandinavia.

From Nature to Nature: Merino Wool for the Highest Outdoor Demands

Merino wool has been unjustly underestimated for a long time in the field of outdoor apparel. For example, it can absorb up to 35 % of its own dry weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. It also releases moisture from the inside to the outside and not only provides perfect isolation on cold days, but also feels pleasantly fresh and cool on the skin when the outside temperature is warm.
The long tradition and manufacture of the natural fibre is clearly visible in the Devold range of products: all products are mainly made of Norwegian wool and merino wool. Devold thus demonstrates a sense of responsibility towards peoples, animals and the environment. The origin of the merino wool is strictly controlled and is purchased only from certified farms, which have to comply with comprehensive rules for animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. The raw wool is then spun into yarn in the company's own factory in Lithuania, dyed with biodegradable pigments, woven and finally processed into the well-known pieces. This means that Devold is responsible for the entire manufacturing process itself and has the possibility to conduct strict quality controls directly on site, to create good working conditions for the employees and to keep supply routes as short as possible. In 2017 Devold launched its "Sheep-to-Shop" program, which makes the entire value chain completely transparent and fully traceable.

From Merino Socks and Shirts to Warm Sweaters - a Versatile Range for Men and

What started in 1853 with the wool of Norwegian sheep has now become an extremely diverse range of functional clothing for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. Devold offers temperature regulating baselayers and midlayers as well as thick knitted sweaters in traditional Norwegian patterns. They have the perfect merino wool companions for every outdoor activity and season. No matter if the extra lightweight and breathable Devold Breeze series, which is suitable for the whole year, thicker base layers, like the Hiking collection or the Devold Expedition line with sophisticated isolation technologies for highest performances - there is the right merino clothing for every outdoor adventure.