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Merino by Mons Royale - Outdoor Wear for Any Challenge

The founders of Mons Royale, Hannah and Hamish Acland, draw their expertise from where merino sheep are at home: the mountains of New Zealand. Combined with experience from alpine skiing, the manufacturer offers a wide range of performance wear. Mons Royale Merino is sustainably sourced, processed and transported. Discover everything from socks to baselayers, jackets and pants for your next tour.

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Mons Royale - Merino Wool and its Properties

Outdoor clothing made of merino from Mons Royale fulfills exactly what you expect from high-quality equipment. Merino layers have nothing to do with an itchy material made of classic wool. The natural fiber is much thinner and more comfortable. The properties at a glance:

  • Warming and cooling. Merino wool keeps you warm when it's cold and cools you when it's hot.
  • Breathability. Merino can absorb extra moisture from the skin without feeling sweaty.
  • Low odor. After a sweaty tour, a Mons Royale jersey or jacket doesn't have to go in the wash right away. Because merino wool is antibacterial and reduces odors.
  • Warms even when wet. If a shower catches you on the trail, you don't have to worry about freezing. Because even wet Mons Royale Merino layers retain their insulating properties.

What makes Merino from Mons Royale Sustainable

From the merino sheep in New Zealand to the retailer, the Mons Royale brand is committed to sustainable and ethical conditions throughout its supply chain. The animals receive special protection and wool production runs in harmony with the environment. The climate and quality standards for spinning the wool and processing are just as high. The Mons Royale products are packed in compostable and recycled plastic. On the way to Europe, the manufacturer prefers the container ship to the CO2-intensive air freight.

Areas of Application for Merino Wear

With the first warm days, you can't wait for your units at dawn. But the spring sun doesn't really warm you up in the morning and you shiver. That's when a Mons Royale merino outfit brings the fun back. Give yourself full concentration while cycling, running or during your outdoor adventure. With a longsleeve - optionally with hood and zipper - and leggings, nothing stands in the way of your sports routine. When the temperatures rise, you can also benefit from the merino clothing. During breaks or after your tour you won't cool down and thus prevent a cold. We show you how baselayers, pants, shirts and jackets from Mons Royale support you outdoors.

Sporty and Comfortable Mons Royale Underwear and Baselayers

Mons Royale underwear is wonderfully light and airy. You have all the benefits of the material and the brand's collections are fashionably designed. For men, Mons Royale has classic boxer shorts and models for biking. The selection of sports underwear for women from Mons Royale is even more diverse. To match your style, you can choose between subtle patterns and muted colors.

Functional underwear, often called baselayers, includes shortsleeves, longsleeves, leggings or one-pieces. Their merino effect is even greater compared to normal underwear. Baselayers accompany you all year round as the first layer of the onion principle. The insulation against cold and the breathability provide the unmistakably pleasant wearing feeling.

Pants, Jackets, Sweaters and Shirts from Mons Royale

Whether MTB jersey, casual T-shirt, hoodie or fleece pants - adapt your midlayers depending on the purpose and weather. For colder days or early morning hikes, we recommend a thicker layer than for outdoor trips in high summer. Choose between light-, mid- and heavyweight Merino from Mons Royale for men or for women.

Windbreakers, Vests and Shell Jackets from Mons Royale - Your Layer for Rough Conditions

Facing a strong breeze on your weekend tour? With a windproof jacket from Mons Royale you will be spared from the cold wind. On the bike, you won't give the wind chill effect a chance. Because the headwind only cools you down from the front, the thinner back part provides cooling.

A shell vest is very popular as an outer layer to keep the upper body warm. Without sleeves you have more freedom of movement - perfect for Nordic skiing on mild winter days. Get warmth at all costs with a Mons Royale insulated jacket. High mountains, camping in the cold season or winter rides you master in merino wool without problems.

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