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Roeckl Gloves – for Fashion-conscious Athletes

How do you protect your hands from the wet and cold when gripping bicycle handlebars or ski poles? It’s easy with a pair of Roeckl cycling gloves, particularly those designed for outdoor use. The company offers a wide range of beautiful quality gloves for winter sports enthusiasts and cyclists. Due to its elasticity and durability, leather is used as the upper material for many products. The manufacturer also uses high-quality materials for the inner workings of the gloves. The skillful mix of leather and textile add to the Roeckl gloves innovative design.

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A Family Company Rooted in Tradition

The Roeckl company was established in the 1950s during the time of the economic boom and growing prosperity and was quickly popular among customers looking to spend some of their newfound wealth. Roeckl stands for quality goods and still manufactures its products in the company's own factories. Over the years, the range of sports gloves expanded, soon a colourful range of fashionable gloves for everyday use were also added to their offering.

Roeckl Gloves – High Quality

The Roeckl cycling gloves are available in many stylish colours, with or without fingers. The models with Vita Lycra, ECONYL® yarn in the upper material and Micro-Air technology in the inner lining offer good air circulation and are still very water-resistant. The Roeckl gloves for cyclists are designed to grip the handlebars securely and protect your hands from the elements at the same time. For the winter, Roeckl offers cycling gloves made of spandex that are lined with a breathable material.

Roeckl Gloves for Children – Colour Essential

Roeckl's gloves for children are characterised by dazzling colours combined with pastel shades. Many designs have a cartoon character or a colourful logo, which are both eye-catching and engaging for your little one. Mittens for toddlers from this range are made from recycled material to ensure sustainability.

Roeckl Gloves for Women – Beautiful and Functional

Roeckl gloves for women are available in dark blue or black, made with PVC-free upper materials, decorated with attractive piping and equipped with leather on the inside. This combination of materials ensures a comfortable fit on the hands and makes the glove particularly robust. Whether you’re cycling or skiing – gloves that are comfortable but provide weather protection are the be-all and end-all when it comes to sportswear.

Roeckl Gloves for Men – Clever and Practical

Roeckl gloves for men are generally available in muted colours such as black or brown. The deciding factor is the coating on the upper material, which makes the glove waterproof and protects it from extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the clever technology and quality design of the Roeckl gloves, your hands won’t get stiff from the cold, even on bitter winter days. This is particularly important when it comes to ski gloves as hands have to stay warm and flexible to maintain safety when skiing.

Which Gloves Will You Choose?

When choosing your Roeckl gloves it, of course, depends on when and how you want to wear them. You need padded, warm gloves for skiing or walking in winter, remote hikes and for outdoor sports in general. For everyday life, more delicate models for women or simple models made of thinner material for men are generally more suitable. Children, on the other hand, will always prefer colourful and bright designs.