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Selle Italia - Innovative Italian Bike Saddles with Tradition

Selle Italia stands for over 120 years for bicycle saddles with passion, innovation and know-how. For road bike saddles Selle Italia achieved fame. They are used in the most important competitions such as the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia or World Championships. But also for mountain bikes, gravel bikes and touring bikes Selle Italia has bike saddles at the start. With Greentech, Selle Italia goes one step further and optimizes the saddles for a sustainable production method. In this way, Selle Italia makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

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Selle Italia Saddles - Italian Bicycle Saddles from Then to Now

Selle Italia has a long history and tradition in the manufacture of bicycle saddles. In 1897, Selle Italia was founded in Corsico, a tranquil town near Milan in Italy. At that time, bicycle saddles for transport bikes were coming off the production line at Selle Italia. The car was taking on a larger and more important position in society. Selle Italia sensed this change and developed one bicycle saddle after another starting in the 1970s. The focus was on developing saddles for sporting use, such as on road bikes. To this day, Selle Italia puts all its knowledge into the innovation and manufacture of bicycle saddles. Every Selle Italia saddle goes through countless processes before it is shipped. This includes the application of scientific methods and testing procedures.

Selle Italia - The Right Saddle for Every Bike

Selle Italia has its roots in the manufacture of saddles for transport or cargo bikes. Later, the expertise of the Italians then flowed into the manufacture of sports saddles. Gradually, Selle Italia has established various road bike saddle models on the market. For this reason, the brand is mainly represented in road cycling. The idea of innovation and constant development led to bicycle saddles in many different categories. Today, Selle Italia offers bicycle saddles for every area, including gravel saddles, triathlon saddles, as well as saddles for the daily commute to work. Common to all is the wide variety of variations and technologies such as Airflow, Superflow and Tekno.

Selle Italia Road Bike Saddles for Speed, Performance and Comfort

Selle Italia road bike saddles are installed on countless road bikes around the world. In the professional field of the Tour de France, Giro D'italia and other classics in road cycling athletes rely on Selle Italia saddles. There is a reason for this, of course. Selle Italia road bike saddles offer optimal performance and contribute to an ideal power transmission and provide the necessary comfort to pass the long distances without pain. Selle Italia puts a lot of energy into developing the optimal saddle texture and seating position. For this purpose, pressure tests are carried out, for example. Various technologies reduce the pressure load on sensitive areas in the seat area and bring more comfort. Another important feature of Selle Italia road bike saddles is their low weight. The Selle Italia SLR C59 road bike saddle made of carbon weighs a mere 61 grams. But not only high-tech road bike saddles Selle Italia has in the program. With classics like the Selle Italia Flite, Selle Italia has a road bike saddle that has gained cult status over decades. Even today, this saddle is still considered the model of a modern road bike saddle.

Selle Italia Gravel Saddles Offer Comfort and Durability

Gravel bikes are a real revolution. Selle Italia has various robust and durable Gravel saddles in the program. For off-road use, these features are particularly important. Selle Italia Gravel saddles have even more to offer. Many small impacts act on the buttocks when graveling. All the more important are comfort as well as shock-absorbing properties of the saddle. Selle Italia Gravel saddles have a low weight and support optimal power transmission. 

Selle Italia Bike Saddles - What Other Models Are Available?

Although Selle Italia road bike saddles make up a large part of the portfolio of the Italians, there are of course also Selle Italia bike saddles for other types of cycling. In the off-road segment, Selle Italia uses its knowledge and creates MTB saddles at the highest level. Established technologies such as Superflow are used in Selle Italia offroad saddles. They provide relief for stressed areas in the seat area. Much emphasis is placed by Selle Italia in MTB saddles on a robust and durable upper material and a stable saddle frame. 

Selle Italia Greentech - Sustainable Bike Saddle

With the Greentech initiative, Selle Italia wants to make an important contribution to sustainability in the area of bicycle saddles. Greentech stands for optimized production processes in which CO₂ emissions are to be reduced to a minimum. In addition, recyclable materials are to be used for Selle Italia road bike saddles and all other products. The production of a Selle Italia bicycle saddle should use as few environmentally harmful factors as possible. That's why Selle Italia works with local companies to shorten production routes. The production of a Selle Italia bicycle saddle should not produce any waste products, which is another aspect of sustainable bicycle saddle production.