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Tatonka Outdoor Equipment for People Who Love to Spend Time in Nature

Tatonka was founded so you can get up close to nature. Whether there’s rain pelting your face, a blazing sun in the sky or snow covering the top of a mountain… Tatonka is for those that love to spend time in nature. With a Tatonka backpack, Tatonka bags, Tatonka tarps, Tatonka tents and Tatonka clothing, you’re extremely well equipped for an adventure outdoors. The Tatonka brand was created in 1993 and emerged from the family-run Mountain Sport GmbH, which was founded in 1980.

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Tatonka: A Company History

Tatonka was founded in 1993 by Winfried Schechinger, but existed before then as family-run Mountain Sport GmbH. This was a trading company, which introduced numerous ski brands to Europe. Tatonka has been operating within outdoor equipment for around 30 years and has established a global position within the outdoor market. 

“At Tatonka we develop products for people who enjoy spending time in nature. We do this with passion, imagination and stamina – and with success.”

Andreas Schechinger, Owner and Managing Director of Tatonka GmbH

The name Tatonka comes from the word for bison in the language of native North Americans. The idea for this brand name came from the renowned film “Dancing with Wolves”. The company sees Tatonka as a symbol of nature, freedom, wilderness and strength. All features that are reflected in Tatonka products. The bison’s nature as a herd animal with determination and a will of its own is symbolic of outdoor experiences. That’s why Tatonka can truly identify with the bison. They have made it their namesake and used it as their company logo.

Tatonka is still a family-run company. Its headquarters in Dasing near Augsburg (Germany) are also home to the development department, management and the distribution warehouse. Production is housed in Vietnam in the company’s own plants. One of the few global outdoor brands to do so, Tatonka has been producing its own products with full transparency for over 30 years.

Sustainability & Environmental Awareness at Tatonka

Sustainability is hugely important these days, and is a priority at Tatonka too. This has led Tatonka to launch a dedicated label. The “Green” range covers every Tatonka backpack, Tatonka tents, Tatonka tarps, Tatonka bags and many other sustainable products. They’re made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials from renewable, biodegradable or recyclable sources. Whether it’s outdoor equipment, such as a Tatonka backpack, or Tatonka clothing: the only materials used are those that are proven to meet Tatonka requirements for functionality and durability.

For clothing in particular, such as the Tatonka rain poncho and the Tatonka rain coat, the manufacturer avoids the use of PFC – per- and polyfluorinated chemicals. This means that the dirt- and water-repellent property of Tatonka products is achieved through the use of less harmful materials such as PU or polyester membranes. This approach sees fewer fibres harmful both to health and the environment shed during wear and washing, preventing them ending up in the natural environment. 

Tatonka – The All-Round Outfitter for Your Outdoor Adventure

The Tatonka product range is huge and has everything you need for an adventure out in nature. Items in our Tatonka brand shop include Tatonka tents, Tatonka tarps, Tatonka bags, a Tatonka kid’s backpack, clothing such as the Tatonka rain coat and Tatonka rain poncho and many camping accessories. If you want to kit out your Tatonka backpack in full, items such as a Tatonka vacuum flask, a Tatonka wash bag, a Tatonka cooking set and various Tatonka drinking bottles are available. The range is rounded off by a selection of handy gadgets. The Tatonka shoulder bag, the Tatonka bum bag, the Tatonka wallet and the Tatonka guy rope for Tatonka Family Camp will make your woodland camping trip perfect.

Tatonka supplies everything you need for an adventure out in nature. The quality and durability are unmatched, and you can rely on the products and their function.