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Vittoria Tires - Grippy, Honest, Sustainable

Vittoria Tires is one of the world's largest tire manufacturers with headquarters in Italy and its own production in Thailand. With over seven million tires produced, Vittoria is a big player in the bicycle tire market. Vittoria Tires represents a clear corporate philosophy. It is based on values such as passion and honesty. Vittoria tires should not just work well - they should be produced as sustainably as possible.

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Vittoria Tires: Rubber with Passion and Values

As mentioned above, Vittoria represents clear values. First and foremost is customer satisfaction and the mission to build the most advanced tires in the world. To achieve this, Vittoria has defined three pillars for its value structure: Innovation, Sustainability and Uniqueness. Innovation aims to offer high-quality, high-performance products. Sustainability plays an important role. It has been recognized that cycling itself is totally "green", tire production is not so far. For this reason, Vittoria has been a member of Shift Cycling Culture since 2021, which is committed to sustainable change in the bicycle industry. Vittoria wants to lead the way with its tires in every respect. This is aptly expressed by the company motto "The Ride Ahead". The third pillar of the Vittoria philosophy is the uniqueness. This one wants to achieve, because one wants to be better than the competitors in every respect.

Vittoria Tires: Pioneer in Sustainability

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in many companies. For this reason, we would like to take a closer look at Vittoria's sustainability strategy. The company absolutely lives up to its motto "The Ride Ahead" in this respect. It is one of the first tire manufacturers to become a member of Shift Cycling Culture. This is an association of companies in the bicycle industry that are committed to social and ecological sustainability in the bicycle industry. This is accompanied by a clear approach with defined goals for sustainable development of the company. We want to show you a few examples of what Vittoria does to act as sustainably as possible:

  • Vittoria is establishing a clear supply chain strategy. This applies above all to Lion Tyres. Lion Tyre SRL is the Vittoria Tires subsidiary in Thailand, where the majority of all Vittoria tires are manufactured. With its supply chain strategy, Vittoria aims to ensure that all suppliers also adhere to ethical and environmental standards.
  • Emissions are further reduced. The environmental footprint of all products is identified and optimized.
  • Introduction of a circular economy
  • Introduction and enforcement of social standards
Vittoria Tires: Rubber with Passion and Values

The Ride Ahead: Vittoria Tire Innovations

Vittoria says about itself: "We are obsessed with developing innovative products". This obsession regularly produces technologies that make Vittoria tires stand out from the crowd. Here are a few examples:

  • Graphene as a component of certain rubber compounds. Vittoria is the only tire manufacturer to use the new miracle material graphene for its rubber compounds. Small admixtures of the extremely thin appearance of carbon provide significantly better effects than is the case with other additives.
  • Silica graphene: Rubber compounds to which silica (silicon dioxide) is also added last longer and offer better grip.
  • 4-Component Technology: Vittoria uses four different rubber compounds for certain tires and combines them to create an exceptionally high-performance tread. In this way, the ideal rubber compound is used at every point of the tire. On the tread, for example, above-average abrasion-resistant rubber is used so that the tire lasts longer. The side lugs of mountain bikes, on the other hand, are decidedly stiff so that they do not buckle in curves.

Cotton and Nylon Tire Carcasses: What are the Differences?

The carcasses of tires are made of fabric plies that are folded over each other. Depending on the fabric used, different properties result. The number of folds is responsible for how well the tire is protected from punctures. Vittoria uses fabrics made of cotton or nylon for its tires. Both types of fabric each have specific advantages.

  • Cotton carcasses have an exceptionally thin structure, are flexible and lightweight. They can adapt excellently to the surface structure. This ensures a smoother ride and good grip. Cotton carcasses are used in high-quality Vittoria road bike tires. Here the focus is on top performance in racing.
  • Nylon fabric is coarser than that of cotton. It is used for tires that should be robust and last a long time. It is mainly used in Vittoria MTB tires, gravel and city bike tires.
The Ride Ahead: Vittoria Tire Innovations

What Kinds of Tires are Available by Vittoria?

The short answer is: Vittoria tires has suitable tire models for every cycling discipline in the program. The overview of the different tire programs is more extensive. Vittoria offers the following types of tires:

  • Vittoria road bike tires for racing, training and endurance use. Vittoria offers Tubeless Ready road bike tires, conventional folding tires and traditional tubular tires that have an integrated tube.
  • Vittoria Gravel tires and Cyclo Cross tires, for tube or Tubeless Ready as folding or clincher tires or with integrated air cushion as tubular tire
  • Vittoria MTB tires for enduro and trail use. They are available in an all-round version called Vittoria Trail TNT. Vittoria Enduro TLR tires are above average robust and thanks to double-reinforced carcass exceptionally puncture-proof. Vittoria Enduro Race TLR combine high puncture resistance with an optimized driving experience on technical trails and at high speed. They have an additional puncture protection and are excellent for racing use.
  • Vittoria XC tires combine low weight, good puncture protection and excellent grip. For this, decidedly fine-textured 120 TPI carcasses made of nylon are used. The XC Race TLR tires are super light and ideal for use in racing. Extremely robust are the tires of the XC Trail TNT family. Especially for the new XC discipline down-country are the eponymous models of the Vittoria portfolio. In them, the focus is on good durability, best grip and high puncture resistance.
  • Vittoria bicycle tires for city and hybrid use. For these tires, the main thing is high reliability and good puncture protection. Vittoria divides its city tires into three categories. Tires with "Standard Protection" use a robust, stiff 26 TPI nylon carcass. They are ideal for any type of city bike in normal urban use. 1.3 mm PRB category tires come with 1.3 mm thick puncture protection. 3 mm PRB tires come with 3 mm puncture protection and meet the highest demands. They are equipped with the Graphene rubber compound, which increases the service life and provides improved properties in bad weather.

Vittoria E-Bike Tires

The question is often asked: Do you need special e-bike tires? Vittoria answers this question with a clear "yes". In fact, e-bikes differ in many respects from non-motorized bikes. So it makes sense to adapt the tires, which after all have to make the all-important contact with the ground. What are the reasons why e-bike tires have to meet special requirements?

  • E-bikes are heavier. For this reason, every stone, root and pothole exerts significantly more force on the tire.
  • E-bikes are faster. This applies in particular to the acceleration of e-bikes. This means significantly greater stress on the tire tread and greater wear.
  • E-bikes are powered by a rechargeable battery, and this should last as long as possible. If possible, energy must be conserved. A lot of energy is lost through friction. Tires can make an important contribution by offering exceptionally good rolling characteristics.
  • E-bike tires are used on many everyday bikes. Reliability is important on such bikes. For this reason, it makes sense to design tires for such bikes with above-average puncture resistance.
    Vittoria has various e-bike series in the program. Vittoria E-MTB tires are designed for sporty off-road riding. They offer a perfect mix of good rolling characteristics, optimum grip and low weight. Vittoria E-Randonneur tires are designed for those who do not want to worry about their tires. They are a good choice for classic city e-bikes, trekking e-bikes and commuting e-bikes. They shine with good all-round properties, durability, good puncture protection and useful everyday features such as integrated reflector strips. 
    Vittoria Air-Liner tire inserts ensure that punctures are a thing of the past. A foam bead replaces the classic tube - a typical puncture is thus no longer possible. Air-Liner inserts provide excellent grip and maintain a constant "pressure".
Vittoria E-Bike Tires