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Best Bike Upgrades for Road Bicycle and MTBs

Fall and winter time means tuning time. Unpleasant weather and days too short for cycling – let's go to the tuning workshop! Whether road bike, gravel bike, MTB or e-bike, beginner or pro, explore the fascination of lightweight with high-performance and classy bike parts in the off-season. With our hand-picked selection of carbon wheels, cockpit parts, tuning forks and rear shocks, shifting upgrades and much more you will reduce weight and increase performance for road and trail riding.

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Tuning a Bike – From Stock to an Awesomely Unique Item

No matter if you are tuning a mountain bike or like to build a lightweight road bike: machined aluminium, titanium and of course high-class carbon are the magic words that make the heart of every ambitious cyclist beat faster and help to set new benchmarks in cycling sports. Thanks to the use of these materials, you can specifically save weight on your road bike or MTB to be even faster thanks to maximized power output. Besides the weight, many bike upgrade parts and specifically accessories also improve the function, for example in terms of strength but also in terms of stiffness, which means a better power transmission. To get the most out of bike upgrade parts you don't need to be a lightweight bike construction engineer or win the lottery. But you should think carefully about what you want to achieve by tuning a bike. Are you mainly interested in upgrading your bike in terms of visual appearance, boosting acceleration and nimbleness through weight savings or are the technical features and aspects of bike upgrade parts important to you? Then it is worth considering where the greatest tuning effect can be achieved. Besides, don't forget to inform yourself about standards and mounting dimensions of your preferred tune-ups and their compatibility with your setup. For example, bottom brackets and headsets are available for different frame mounting standard and diameters. After all, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to install the desired tuning part.

Bike tuning offers a wide range of options: from weight saving and performance-improving upgrades to sophisticated styles and paintwork, everything is possible.

Fascination Bike Tuning – With Lightweight Construction to More Performance

The constant and strenuous starting during rush-hour traffic gets on your nerves? You are looking for more ease when driving uphill or to save every gram while you fight for personal bests? Then you should quit making your life unnecessarily difficult and start riding a lightweight bicycle: We've chosen the tuning parts that guarantee durability and function in harmony with lightweight construction and aesthetics. But what really makes your bike lighter and faster? On current road and mountain bikes of the mid-price range, the bike components are often the main problem areas: When it comes to wheels, drivetrain, crankset and cockpit, manufacturers often make compromises to keep the bike affordable. At next, our experts for lightweight bicycle construction will give you an overview of the key factors in each tuning area.

Wheels combined with high-quality tires are definitely the tuning parts with the highest possible tuning effect. Less rim weight means less rotating mass and therefore noticeably more riding fun. By using elaborately machined lightweight hubs made of aluminium or even hubs and spokes made of carbon, the total weight can be reduced even further. Handlebars and seat posts made of aluminium can be easily replaced by ultralight and stable carbon parts. But even a set of lightweight tires – at best tubeless-ready – is an mtb upgrade or road bike tuning that can make a real difference: You accelerate faster, reduce rolling resistance and save money. Thus, tires are a comparably affordable bike tuning with great effect. Carbon parts for bikes have been available for more than 20 years, but especially when it comes to contact areas like carbon saddles, things have changed a lot. Thanks to elaborate ergonomic analyses and the specific use of carbon for the rails and shell, current models cleverly combine riding comfort with a featherweight design. In addition, you can choose from the wide range of top-class stems the angle, length and color that matches your individual preferences. Similarly large is the BIKE24 portfolio of stylish tuning handlebars in various widths. If you really want to splash out money, you will get your money's worth in the cockpit area with a handlebar-stem combination made entirely of carbon. Handlebar-stem units combine a particularly low weight with impressive stiffness. State of the art mountain and road bike upgrades for the cockpit and seat area show that optimal weight saving doesn't have to lead to compromises in performance and comfort!

Furthermore, a great effect in terms of overall weight can also be achieved with the drivetrain. Either through lighter cassettes, chainrings and chains, but also through the simplified construction and improved power transmission of modern 1x or 2x drivetrains. Weight saving cassettes and matching narrow-width chainrings are often machined masterpieces made of aluminium, steel and even titanium. Due to light hollow pins and thanks to durable titanium-carbon-nitride coating such drivetrains will guarantee a great experience on your bike. With cranksets it is extremely important to ensure efficient power transmission to the rear wheel. Thanks to more sophisticated production techniques and materials, there are almost no limits to tuning opportunities here. Hollow carbon crank arms with integrated spindles have set new standards in terms of stiffness and lightweight engineering. Many riders want to know exactly how much power they are putting on the pedal for systematic training. For this reason, many cranks are also available with advanced power measurement.

Besides the pure bike tuning parts, it is also the details that matter. If you've ever seen a custom road bike super-light at just 6.5 kg, you might have noticed the special details. For example, the titanium bolts that are often used to really maximise weight savings.

Optical Tuning – Individuality against the Mainstream

Not only weight and performance are essential for "pimping". Matching colours and designs are decisive benchmarks for custom bike builders for the overall appearance. Who wants a dream bike where the high-quality tuning highlights look like a photo-editing fail? A set of fancy mudguards and stickers or coloured features on the handlebars, stem and saddle can make customization not only easy but also affordable. Discover the nearly unlimited creative possibilities of bicycle tuning! With nice anodized colours on quick-releases, lightweight through axles, screws, valves, ahead caps and jockey wheels, you can set just as impressive accents and save a few additionally grams, too. To ensure that your bike looks always fast and beautiful, every detail should be just perfect - including the pedals. In the great range of products at BIKE24 you will find everything, from super-flat, colourfully anodised flat pedals to extremely light clipless pedals thanks to titanium axles and carbon pedal bodies. Another highlight could be using brightly coloured grips or multi-coloured bar tapes. Are you more interested in an organic look? Then carbon bike parts with a woven (e. g. 3K) or UD top layer are exactly what you're looking for. Admittedly, a pair of carbon wheels or a full carbon cockpit are not that cheap, but these particularly lightweight bike parts also convey pure understatement. And now it's up to you, to give your bicycle an extra portion of style. Have fun and be creative!

In addition to a considerable weight reduction, carbon bicycle parts also offer the possibility to set very special highlights.

Technical Bike Upgrades You Should Pay Attention To!

In addition to weight savings and optical tuning, the technical upgrade possibilities when tuning a bike are sometimes overlooked. That is why we would like to give you a brief overview of the possibilities that arise from our many years of experience in bike tuning. On mountain bikes, the rear shock and especially the suspension fork usually still offer a lot of potential for performance-improving mountain bike upgrades. Both mountain bikers and road cyclists can benefit from electronic shifting upgrades. This form of bike upgrade significantly improves gear changing precision and speed and makes it possible to adapt the shifting behaviour to individual preferences.

Mountain Bike Suspension Tuning That Really Helps to Send It!

At first, you should optimize your suspension setup – do the pressure and spring rate correspond to the manufacturer's specifications that suit you? Together with someone assisting you and usually with a good shock pump, you can already find an improved basic setup – afterwards we would recommend you riding your home trails a few times to fine-tune you set up. If that's not enough for you, we have great news for owners of an air-sprung fork: With our affordable upgrade options you can quickly give your suspension a DIY boost.
You can choose from fork volume spacers for just around 10 €, special volume cartridges or still affordable spring upgrade units that increase the air chamber volume and reduce friction. All options influence the spring characteristics curve in such a way that the response to small bumps will be improved and the fork still does not bottom out. Volume cartridges offer the advantage over volume spacers, since you can improve your fork setup on-the-fly. Both upgrades are relatively easy to install by opening the left fork leg on top. A bit more complicated  but, as you can see in the BIKE24 workshop video, easy to install with some basic bike mechanic skills is the installation of an improved air spring.

Speaking of air springs: Thanks to the good tuning possibilities of air springs, it is hardly surprising that this suspension technology is also often used on the rear shocks of full-suspension bikes. Just like with the suspension fork, you can also improve the suspension behaviour via volume spacers.
But even if you only rely on coil springs for the rear shock on an enduro or downhill bike, you can still get a lot more out of a progressive coil spring. Compared to standard springs, mtb shock tuning springs are often lighter. In addition, they sometimes offer more progression towards the end of travel - thanks to special coiling techniques - which should prevent bottoming out.

You want to do things properly and like to tune your fork and shock even more? Then you should take a look at the tuning seals. After a little more but manageable work, these special fork seal kits will make your suspension work even smoother.

Our conclusion: Unjustly, suspension fork tuning or shock optimisations have the reputation of being complicated and sometimes expensive gimmicks.

Electronic Groupset Upgrades – Shifting like Professionals

What began with Shimano Di2 in road cycling sports and was later expanded by Campagnolo EPS and SRAM ETAP technology, is nowadays virtually indispensable in the field of the best road bike upgrades. We are talking about electric bike derailleurs, an extravagant but also very efficient high-end form of road bike tuning. Thanks to 12-speeds electric shifting has meanwhile also started its victory in the field of MTB tuning. Electronic shifting components allow even more precise and faster shifting processes on the bike. These capabilities are achieved by powerful servo motors in combination with microelectronic controllers, sensors and the already proven shifting mechanisms at the rear and front derailleur. Depending on the manufacturer, the signals are transmitted via internally routed cables or even completely wirelessly for a clean look. The batteries are either placed in the seat post to save space or in the case of wireless derailleur systems directly on the shifting component and ensure that it will be more fun to shift for many thousands actuations. The shifting actuation can be done as usual from the handle bars via shift levers on MTBs and via combined shift brake levers on road bikes. Thanks to the modular design, additional remote shifting buttons can be mounted, which is especially interesting for triathletes or sprint setups. In addition, the manufacturers of electronic derailleur components also offer you the option of app control to make one of the best road bike upgrades and mtb tunings even better thanks to customization.

An electronic groupset is just as indispensable for road bike tuning as a carbon wheelset.

Electronic shifting has always been a showcase for the technical possibilities in road and mountain biking. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that only the best of the best is used for the power transferring components, such as chain, cassette, chainrings or crank. As with the top mechanical groupsets, mainly wide-range 12-speed cassettes, narrow lightweight chains and elaborately machined chainrings with optimized tooth profile are used.
For all those who are thinking about further improving the shifting performance of their bike, we have good news for you!

Many manufacturers offer so-called upgrade sets with which you simply keep your wearing components. You only have to replace the shifting components and thus not only protect the environment, it also more affordable.