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Bauerfeind Sports - Compression Socks and Bandages Made in Germany

Bauerfeind is a traditional German company that manufactures medical aids sports products such as bandages, compression sleeves, sports insoles and sports socks in Zeulenroda in eastern Thuringia. Bauerfeind sports equipment prevents fatigue, can protect against injuries and helps with regeneration. Bauerfeind is proud of numerous innovations and its "Made in Germany" philosophy. As a service partner of Deutsche Sporthilfe, Bauerfeind supports thousands of athletes and well-known brand ambassadors such as basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki.

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Bauerfeind Sports: Made in Germany by Tradition

Bauerfeind looks back on a long history. The company was founded in 1929 by Bruno Bauerfeind. When the Zeulenroda production site fell into the Soviet occupation zone after the Second World War, the company emigrated to West Germany. A new production facility was built in Darmstadt. After reunification, Bauerfeind returned to Thuringia. A second location was established in Remscheid. Bauerfeind manufactures all of its products at these two production sites, some of them by hand. "Made in Germany" is traditionally lived at Bauerfeind! 

Bauerfeind Compression with Innovation

With a clear commitment to production in Germany, Bauerfeind relies on high-quality materials and the highest production standards. This includes countless innovations such as 3D Airknit Technology. This is an exceptionally lightweight, knitted compression fabric that adapts perfectly to the body and optimally regulates temperature and moisture. Another Bauerfeind innovation goes by the name Targeted Compression Zones. This term describes compression zones that are specifically designed for a certain musculature and provide it with optimal support. We could go on for a long time and list countless innovations from Bauerfeind. The very fact of how much development work Bauerfeind has put into its sports socks is impressive. That would definitely go beyond the scope here. For this reason, we will summarize it briefly: Bauerfeind manufactures products of the highest quality. They are thought out down to the smallest detail and can ideally support you in your sport.

Bauerfeind – Innovative compression textiles & supports for the highest demands. Breathable & comfortable to wear.

Bauerfeind Sports Socks: Efficient and Underrated

You may ask yourself: Why do I need special sports socks? Aren't normal socks that fit comfortably and don't slip enough? Bauerfeind has a clear answer to this: No, they are not enough. The reason is easily explained: In most sports, it's the feet that have to do a lot of work. They run with you over hill and dale, kick the soccer ball across the field or keep you on the snowboard or skis. The better you support your feet, the longer you can enjoy your activity. Sport-specific socks play a decisive role in this. Bauerfeind has the right socks in its range for every purpose:

  • Performance running socks
  • Outdoor socks for hiking and trekking
  • Skiing and winter sports socks
  • Compression socks for ball sports such as soccer or handball

As you can see, a sock is not just a sock. It starts with the length. Bauerfeind low cut sports socks are ideal for running sports in particular. They relieve the strain on your feet and ensure that your shoes and feet form a single unit. A cutout relieves the archilles tendon and protects it from overstimulation.

The medium-length mid cut Bauerfeind socks are the ideal all-rounder for running and especially for hiking and trekking. They stabilize your feet and joints and protect you from injuries in terrain with uneven surfaces. The ankle-high cut and the "Infinity Zone" give your ankles stability.

The long high cut is used at Bauerfeind primarily for Bauerfeind compression socks. The principle comes from the medical field, but is equally efficient for sports. The compression pressure supports your blood vessels so that you can maintain your performance level for longer. Compression socks also support regeneration through faster removal of "waste products" such as lactate. Whether running, playing or cycling: With High Cut compression socks it works better!

Bauerfeind Compression Sleeves

Bauerfeind Compression Sleeves use the proven effect of compression: they improve blood circulation, which optimizes oxygen supply and helps with regeneration. Compression sleeves are available for the arms, legs and thighs. Bauerfeind uses an exceptionally lightweight fabric that you hardly notice and that ideally regulates both temperature and moisture. A special feature of Bauerfeind compression covers is their "gradual progression": The compression decreases in the direction of the body. This progression has proven ideal in clinical studies and reinforces the already positive effect of compression clothing.

Bauerfeind Knee Sleeves & Co

There are moments when your body needs special support. After an injury or too much strain, for example, a Bauerfeind knee support can provide relief. Bauerfeind supports for sports use combine medical functional features with high comfort and a chic look. Bauerfeind supports are made of highly elastic knitted fabric. The wide-meshed fabric provides excellent ventilation in combination with finely dosed compression. They are lightweight and breathable, so they fit comfortably during long periods of athletic activity. A special feature of Bauerfeind supports are their innovative functional zones: They are perfectly adapted to the respective muscle or joint and offer the perfect combination of firmness and freedom of movement. Bauerfeind supports are available for various body regions. For example, you get:

  • Bauerfeind ankle brace
  • Bauerfeind back brace
  • Bauerfeind wrist supports
  • Bauerfeind foot support
  • Bauerfeind ankle sleeves
Bauerfeind – Innovative compression textiles & supports for the highest demands. Breathable & comfortable to wear.

Bauerfeind Sports Insoles

When you run, your feet are subjected to an extraordinary amount of stress. This often results in painful problems such as irritation of the archilles tendon or the ankle joint. Bauerfeind sports insoles increase stability and support the natural movement of your feet. In this way, they prevent painful problems and reduce the fatigue of your foot muscles. The result: less pain, more stability and better performance!