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Bauerfeind - Sports supports, compression socks and orthoses

Bauerfeind develops innovative supports, compression textiles and foot orthoses that improve agility and body awareness. They incorporate feedback from professional athletes directly into product development and test their products in the toughest of conditions - because they relish a challenge and because they are aiming for one ultimate target: #foryourpersonalbest. » Read more

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Global Partner in the World of Sports

Bauerfeind was founded in 1929 in Zeulenroda (Thuringia, Germany) and employs around 2,000 members of staff worldwide. The products are exclusively made in Germany and are partly manufactured by hand before being sent all over the world. They fulfil the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, effectiveness, and wearing comfort - confirmed by regular inspection procedures.

Then as now, the company goes the slogan: Success through ideas. The aim is to consistently develop innovative products that are both functionally better and therapeutically more effective than conventional products. At the Bauerfeind Innovation Center in Zeulenroda, teams of specialists develop and optimise products and health care concepts. They find support in the empirical value of top athletes. For this reason, you can be 100% confident that all Bauerfeind products always reflect the latest findings in sports science.

Bauerfeind - Innovative compression textiles and supports for the highest demands. Breathable and comfortable to wear.

The new supports, compression textiles and inlays for sports shoes from Bauerfeind Sports offer the best possible support in sports. The new product range is designed for recreational and professional athletes who want their movements to feel safe and secure and are looking for ways to optimise their performance.

Rapid movements and abrupt changes of direction can quickly result in foot muscle fatigue or signs of excessive strain in the ankle, the Achilles tendon, or the lower leg. The innovative WEIGHTLEX® technology of Bauerfeind sports orthoses offers protection and a secure footing thanks to its patented dual-component core with an innovative X-shaped module to support the arch of the foot and better control the foot’s heel-to-toe movement.

The functional knitted fabric of the Bauerfeind Supports with ventilation zones is very comfortable to wear. The highly elastic fabric ensures a carefully regulated level of compression in the area of the joints. Bauerfeind’s supports are thin and can comfortably be worn under clothes. Pressure points provide you with positive motor feedback, and the innovative pad absorbs pressure peaks. Thanks to the anatomical fit, the Bauerfeind Sports Supports securely remain in the right position, offering perfect freedom of movement.

You never want to be without them. Professionals as the Hahner Twins Anna and Lisa rely on Bauerfeind compression socks.

Bauerfeind’s innovative technologies will improve your performance! The highly elastic knitted fabric ensures regulated compression, and the breathable microfiber feels good on the skin. The noticeable compression improves your muscle function increases circulation in the muscles, thus improving oxygen supply. You can perform better for longer, and you will regenerate more quickly. That’s how you can prevent sore muscles. Thanks to increased circulation, your muscles also warm up faster, meaning better protection against injuries.

The innovative and stylish Run Performance Socks offer you a whole new runfeel. They relieve your feet and ankles thanks to targeted compression and support. Stability with style, which helps you to new personal bests.