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Funkita Swim Wear - Professional and Colorful Performance Swimsuits and Bikinis

That Australia is known for good weather and beautiful sandy beaches should be nothing new. It's no wonder that Funkita is a Melbourne-based company. Under the Australian sun, the designers of Funkita pack a lot of style and color into their swimsuits and bikinis. Funkita Swim Wear convinces not only with bright colors, but with outstanding performance. Whether you're an Olympic athlete or an everyday athlete, Funkita Swim Wear will take your swimming performance to the next level.

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Funkita and Funky Trunks - Professional Swim Wear for Women and Men

Women and men have different requirements for their swim wear and for this reason the Australian company offers different series. Funkita swimwear is aimed at women, Funky Trunks swimwear at men. 

Funkita - The Somewhat Different Swimwear for Women

The swim wear of the Australian company Funkita is designed by athletes for athletes. In 2004 the company started. The goal was to present swimmers with a wide selection of high-quality, colorful, comfortable and chlorine-resistant swimwear. Important to Funkita is the tight fit and robustness to provide the longest possible swimming fun.

Funkita Bikinis and Swimsuits - Style and Performance Combined

Funkita bikinis and swimsuits consist of particularly colorful designs and make your swimming session a real highlight. The combination of high-quality materials and sporty cuts ensures that performance is not neglected during swimming. Funkita Swim Wear is therefore perfect for sporty swimmers who at the same time attach great importance to the aspects of style and comfort.

Depending on Your Personal Preference and Intended Use, You'll Find Funkita:

  • Funkita Bikinis
  • Funkita Swimsuits

With the swimsuits you can choose between different cuts. Depending on the model, more or less skin is shown. Ubiquitous are the bright colors and completely different designs. Funkita bikini tops and bikini bottoms you can buy separately from each other and thus combine to your heart's content or buy in different sizes, according to your personal needs. Colorful combination options set no limits to creativity. Like Funkita swimsuits, Funkita bikinis are also available in different cuts. So you can define your style individually and feel comfortable while swimming and fully concentrate on your performance.