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Millet Outdoor Clothing for Your Adventure

Millet stands for functional outdoor clothing and looks back on over a hundred years of company history. In 1921, Millet was founded by Marc Millet and his wife in the French town of Saint-Fons near Lyon, where they initially dedicated themselves to the production of sailcloth and cloth bags. However, the keystone for today's global company was laid after the company moved to the French Alps in 1934. There, the French presented the first Millet backpack with a carrying frame, paving the way to the mountain peaks.

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Millet - A Century of Mountaineering History

Millet outdoor clothing is today an emblematic term for a high product quality and functionality that makes your next outdoor experience in nature even more special. Millet jackets, pants, shoes and equipment let people around the world climb mountain peaks and feel nature at its best. Whether in sun, rain or snow, with Millet clothing for men and women you are optimally equipped to experience an exciting adventure in any conditions.

What began at Millet in the thirties with a first backpack, quickly evolved into an ever-growing movement for alpinists. After the war the Millet sons Raymond and René designed the first mountaineering backpacks for use in the high mountains, and just a few years later the first climbers scaled the 8,000-meter peak of Annapurna with the same-named Millet backpack.

The increasingly spectacular mountaineering adventures also resulted in the development of functional Millet jackets with Gore-Tex membranes and down jackets. Thus, Millet clothing was already in the seventies on a technologically very high level and provided alpinists apparel on which they could count even in extreme situations.

Even Germany's most famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner joined the Millet team and relied on Millet jackets, pants and shoes for men. In 1978, he reached the summit of Mount Everest with Millet clothing without supplemental oxygen.

There are many similar milestones in Millet's history and today Millet is still one of the leading companies in the field of alpinist and outdoor clothing.

Anyone who has dedicated their company to mountain sports should also be active when it comes to sustainability. Millet sets the best example and combines numerous factors into a sustainable corporate strategy. From the use of recycled materials, to sustainable production chains and repair service options, to certified down, Millet is committed to a sustainable approach to nature.

The Different Product Ranges of Millet Outdoor Clothing

What started with a single Millet backpack has evolved into a global mountain sports company. Today, Millet offers the following product groups:

Millet Jackets for Men and Women

  • Millet jackets
  • Millet rain jackets
  • Millet softshell jackets
  • Millet ski jackets
  • Millet down jackets
  • Millet fleece jackets

Millet Pants for Men and Women

  • Millet rain pants
  • Millet Gore-tex Pants
  • Miller 2in1 Pants
  • Millet Softshell Pants

Millet Shoes for Men and Women

  • Millet Gore-Tex shoes
  • Millet hiking boots
  • Millet hiking boots
  • Millet alpine touring shoes
  • Millet trail running shoes
  • Millet climbing shoes

Millet Equipment for Your Adventure

  • Millet backpacks
  • Millet sleeping bags
  • Millet ropes
  • Millet Accessories

Improve Your Outdoor Experience with Millet Apparel

With the purchase of Millet clothing you will gain a whole new outdoor experience during your adventures and you can rely on excellent functionality. We have summarized the advantages of Millet clothing for you.

The Advantages of Millet Outdoor Clothing

  • Millet looks back on over a hundred years of tradition in the development of products for use in the mountains.
  • Millet stands for high product quality and functionality.
  • With Millet clothing you are optimally prepared for any weather conditions.
  • Millet is strongly committed to a sustainable approach to the environment.
  • Millet clothing is durable and can be repaired if necessary to further extend the life.