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Suplest - Premium Road Shoes & MTB Shoes from Switzerland

As probably the smallest cycling shoe brand in the world, suplest creates bike shoes at the absolute top level. Since 2007, the Swiss company from the Emmental region stands for high-end shoes that combine performance, comfort and design in an extraordinary way. For this purpose suplest uses only the highest quality materials and places special emphasis on the know-how of experienced and technically skilled partners.

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Suplest: Premiumness, Swissness & Simplicity since 2007

suplest was founded in 2007 by the enthusiastic cyclists Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer in Bern, Switzerland. Their goal is to develop and produce high-end road and mountain bike shoes which are characterized by individuality, innovation and outstanding quality in terms of design and comfort. 
The name suplest is derived from the French term "souplesse" - a form of training that trains with small, fast pedal movements, and the English "supple" - for smooth, flexible, pliable.
To meet the highest demands suplest always adheres to three principles: SWISSNESS - Switzerland stands for quality; especially in the watch industry, cheese and chocolate production. suplest does everything to ensure that Switzerland also stands for high-quality cycling shoes in the future. FIRST-CLASS - every shoe embodies high-end material and technical perfection. SIMPLICITY - suplest's design is simple, moderate, straightforward and emphasizes technical beauty.
With the PROLOG series, suplest launched its first road cycling shoes in 2009 - based on the opening race of the same name, at which the field of riders is presented to the fans. In 2012 the SUPZERO models set new technological standards and with the Offroad Alpine MTB shoe suplest now also ventures on dirt roads. With the Edge/3 collection, suplest 2015 presented performance-oriented road bike shoes, which, thanks to the specially developed Ergo 360° soles, define the unique shape and fit of the shoes. The EDGE+ series was created to meet the demands of the world's best cyclists. The top class cycling shoes impress with their optimal fit and perfect power transmission to the pedals.

Variety by suplest - ROAD, CROSSCOUNTRY & OFFROAD Bike Shoes

The suplest product family now includes the ROAD, CROSSCOUNTRY and OFFROAD lines. With suplest ROAD shoes, the focus is on two points: the stiff carbon sole and low weight, which means that the shoes offer maximum efficiency. Thanks to the Ergo 360° concept, they also score in terms of comfort. suplest CROSSCOUNTRY shoes meet a wide variety of demands: they bring full power to the pedals, but also convince on walking passages. Of course, long-distance comfort and design are not neglected here either. The shoes of the suplest OFFROAD line combine functionality and design suitable for everyday use. They make no compromises in terms of performance, but master walking passages with flying colours thanks to the non-slip sole.
Each line includes three levels: PRO shoes are equipped with a full carbon sole that combines the highest possible performance, lightness and a flat construction. The shoes of the PERFORMANCE level have a Carbon Comp. sole. Both are made of ultra-thin, seamless microfibre and equipped with a SOLESTAR footbed. suplest SPORT shoes have a nylon sole that offers a good balance between stiffness and comfort on long distances.