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Crankbrothers – Pedals, Wheels, Handlebars, Stems & Seatposts for MTBs

Crankbrothers‘ fuel is the passion and love for bicycles. Revolutionary products are developed with innovative ideas. Started in 1997 in a garage in Laguna Beach, California, the launch of the Eggbeater pedal followed in 2001. Today, the Crankbrothers range includes a wide variety of pedals, tools, pumps, wheels, handlebars, stems and seat posts. It is not without reason that many mountain bike professionals appreciate the technology and quality of Crankbrothers products. » Read more

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Designing and building aesthetically pleasing and innovative MTB products

Frustrated by complicated clipless pedals, the founders of Crankbrothers developed the Eggbeater pedal in 2001 – a milestone in the company's history and a revolution on the market to date. If the Eggbeater pedal is reminiscent of a stirring broom, the actual coup lies precisely in this different design: on the one hand, the open construction with 4 entry sides offers twice as many as conventional clipless pedals and thus makes it easier to click in and out - a great benefit especially in difficult terrain. On the other hand, the open design of the pedal is designed to resist dirt. This light "whisk" is perfect for racers and light weight enthusiasts. The small contact area is hardly noticeable in shoes with a stiff sole. The Crankbrothers Candy offers a little more contact area and lateral support.

However, downhillers and freeriders can also benefit from the innovations of this high-end manufacturer. Where a secure stand is important, the Mallet Pedal convinces with a large contact surface and additional pins. Even those who prefer to use flat pedals will find what they are looking for at Crankbrothers: The Stamp offers an optimal connection between shoe and pedal and drives up with an interesting innovation. During the development phase, Crankbrothers analyzed the soles of leading shoe manufacturers and their contact surfaces to the pedal. The result is a pedal that fits perfectly to the rider and is consequently offered in two different sizes - small and large.

Other challenges are the development of components for bicycles, which convince by their unique functionality and design. Crankbrothers' product portfolio focuses on the extremely popular pedal range. There is the right model for every field of application: mountain bike, all-mountain, trekking, enduro, freeride, downhill - in different colour variations; the selection is huge. In addition to pedals, the product range of Crankbrothers also includes handlebars, stems, as well as wheels and seat posts. The wheels of the Cobalt, Iodine and Opium series attract a lot of attention and increase the style factor of every bike. With the Highline, Crankbrothers launched a dropper post on the market, which captivates with its uncomplicated assembly and ergonomics - giving the rider complete freedom in aligning the handlebar remote.

Since 2018, there has been an expanded range of mini tools. A special highlight is the Klic stand pump, with its stunningly revolutionary design and simple but clever functions. It is no coincidence that the stand pump won the Design & Innovation Award 2018.

No wonder that many mountain bike professionals from all over the world, including Danny MacAskill, trust in the technology of Crankbrothers. The Californians develop products for adventure and freedom that redefine the riding experience.