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SR Suntour is a Taiwanese bike components manufacturer which has been combining environmentally friendly production methods with high quality since the 1960s. The company specialises in creating forks and shocks, but its catalogue ranges much more widely including E-bike components, chainwheels, rear shocks, and seatposts. Its expertise stretches from everyday road riding to mountain bikes, and it’s a trusted brand for extreme riders like Jordan Sarrou and Hans Rey. Whether you’re into intense downhill riding or just weekend treks, SR Suntour is a brand to check out.

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SR Suntour’s Enduro Forks for Extreme Descents

Some of the most popular Suntour forks are designed for enduro riding, and will be a reliable partner for riders who can’t resist the adrenaline rush of tackling vertical drops and impossible leaps. Models like the Suntour RUX, the Suntour DUROLUX36, the Suntour AION35 and the Suntour ZERON35 are all optimised for enduro bikes, offering responsive suspension that can handle sudden drops, as well as the kind of rugged construction downhill riders need. Some of the most popular SR Suntour enduro forks include:

  • Suntour Aion forks
  • Suntour Durolux forks
  • Suntour Zeron forks

SR Suntour Forks for Mountain Biking Adventures

If you’re intending to get out on remote trails, one of SR Suntour’s MTB forks will be the perfect addition. The Raidon range is a key part of the Suntour collection and is all about off-road riding. Models like the Raidon-SC combine lightweight constructions with RLR dampening that will ensure the smoothest ride possible, as well as Equalizer technology to fit each fork to individual riders. The Suntour XCR and the Suntour XCT are high-quality air forks with entry-level prices, making them appealing for riders who need to keep their costs low. And the Suntour XCM mixes affordable price with a more robust, heavier construction, making it a more durable option. Suntour offers a wide variety of MTB forks at different price points, and the major options include:

  • Suntour XCT, XCR and XCM forks
  • Suntour Raidon forks
  • Suntour Mobie forks
  • Suntour Axon forks

SR Suntour Components for E-Bike Riders

Suntour have also moved with the times, coming up with a diverse selection of forks and components for electric bikes. E-bike forks in the Mobie and Durolux lines are strong enough to handle high speeds and come with comfortable RLR damping. Adding either to your bike will make everyday urban riding more enjoyable, allowing you to commute, visit friends, and explore the countryside with a mix of pedal and motor power.

Add an SR Suntour Shock to Your Setup

When you add a Suntour fork to your bike, why not add a rear shock as well? The Taiwanese brand manufactures stylish and very effective shocks in the EDGE LOR, TRIAIR or Raidon collections. Combine them with a fork and you can turn a standard mountain bike into a beast that’s ready for any situation. Shock sizes vary, with options for agile lighter bikes and larger models that traverse tougher terrain. Air springs come as standard, and all have compact forms that won’t intrude on your bike’s look. If you’re serious about off-road riding, they could be just what your riding experience needs.

Stock up on SR Suntour Components to Enhance Your Ride

The SR Suntour brand shop at BIKE24 features much more than cranks and forks. Suntour offers a huge range of essential parts including thru axles, seatposts, springs, fork keys, finger guards, dust seals, handlebar switches, oil wipers, fenders, and rebound spacers. Most importantly, SR Suntour also manufacture cost effective and dependable cranks for all varieties of bikes. These accessories convert energy from your legs into wheel speed and force, so they are a crucial component of anyone’s bike, and Suntour have been making cranks for decades. Check out models in the SR Suntour Auron, Aion, XCE, Zeron and XCM collections, and make sure that the work you put in is rewarded by the fastest possible speeds.

Shop for SR Suntour Forks, Shocks and Components at BIKE24

SR Suntour is a go-to brand for enduro and mountain bike shocks and forks. The brand offers low cost and premium suspension products, allowing riders to find the perfect setup for their style. And if you need to carry out repairs, the Suntour components collection is full of essentials. But if you can’t find what you need, check out the shocks and forks catalogue at BIKE24. You’re sure to find the suspension you need at extremely low prices.