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RST Forks – Suspension to Suit the Way You Ride

RST started manufacturing car and motorcycle parts in 1972, but by 1990 the company had changed direction. Using their automotive industry expertise, they moved on to producing suspension forks and shocks for bikes. The RST or Rapid Suspension Technology logo was soon launched to reflect this new focus. Combining competitive pricing with top quality parts, RST has grown quickly to reach a global market and now serves all levels of rider. Find RST forks, fork parts and accessories to build an entirely new ride or refresh your old faithful.

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Durability and Control on All Types of Terrain

Building up your bike puts you in charge of how it feels, handles and performs. One of the most important components you’ll have to source as part of this process is the fork. RST suspension forks allow even a budget mount to excel, making tough terrain easier to handle and shedding significant grams from your set-up. Choose forks based on the type of bike you own and the riding style you have planned. In order to maximize your control and deliver a comfortable ride, some RST forks use Coil Spring-only units that cannot be adjusted. They give your mountain bike improved stability and are more capable of absorbing holes or bumps in the road. The action of the spring produces a feeling of consistency on longer rides, with better braking and steering, even on a lengthy descent.

Extremely Adjustable Comfort with RST Air Forks

They might be new to the sport, but air suspension forks are becoming a trusted upgrade for professional and amateur cyclists alike. Air weighs less than steel, so these forks will always be a lighter option, but their tunability is what excites riders. Each RST air suspension fork is made using the brand’s signature Air Spring system. That means your suspension can be adjusted to deliver the exact spring rate you prefer with a few quick tweaks. Feel free to alter your bike when you need to accommodate an especially heavy pack or to experiment with different riding styles. To further fine-tune your trek, look for Rebound Adjustment technology on your RST forks. This feature ensures your ride strikes a healthy balance between being too harsh and bottoming out. Reset your rebound as required to work with the terrain, rather than struggling against it.

Forks for Challenging Cross Country Adventures

Whether you’re into single-track mudfests or you prefer the challenge of racing cross country, our RST mountain bike forks let you shine. Look out for the brand’s OCR Rebound Damping. This open-bath system provides you with adjustable compression damping and rebounds which can be changed externally. These lightweight forks have been perfected on global racing circuits to deliver refined traction and smoothness over rough routes. On RST forks that include lockout or compression adjustments, the brand includes Remote Lockout. Use it to swiftly change your bike’s suspension over different types of ground, as well as inclines and declines. Choose this type of fork to excel during punishing dirt-track circuits and marathons.

Stability on the Road, However Fast You Ride

For commuting to work and riding on paved roads use an RST rigid fork to keep your steering reliable and steady, even at high speed. You may feel cautious of a rigid bike, but these steel forks still absorb huge amounts of impact. They are also simpler to take care of and won’t need regular maintenance, like more complex suspension systems. RST forks that are designed to offer more rigidity are made with a mechanical lockout and the RST Post Lighting System. This allows you to securely fix a front lamp to your road bike using a couple of bolts.

Trustworthy Forks and Extras from RST

RST bicycle forks have been developed to make your experience safer and more exciting on and off the road. Whether you have an e-bike, an MTB or a city bike, you can get hold of RST parts that optimize its potential.