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X-BIONIC - Ingenious Functional Sportswear for Cyclists, Runners, Skiers and More

In only a few years X-BIONIC® has redefined the world of functional apparel. Sophisticated aerodynamics, dynamic stabilizers, maximum cooling performance and partial compression: The innovative Swiss company provides an incomparable feeling and top performances on the bike, on skis, when running or during other sweat-inducing activities with its multiple award-winning and patented technologies. X-BIONIC® turns sweat into energy!

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X-BIONIC® - On Socks, Jackets, Shirts and Shorts That Turn Sweat into Energy

What began with a sock is now a company with over 800 registered patents and more than 600 international awards and distinctions for innovation, technology and quality. The idea for the first functional sock was born during a meeting between consultant Prof. Bodo Lambertz and Marco Redini, the managing director of a small Italian sock manufacturer. Since the foundation of X-Technology Swiss Research & Development AG shortly afterwards, X-SOCKS® have been continuously developed and specifically designed for sports such as skiing, running, cycling or hiking and many other outdoor and fitness activities.

Shortly afterwards, the product range was consistently expanded and since then has united jackets, vests, shirts, shorts, trousers, underwear, caps, sports bras and much more under the brand name X-BIONIC®. The collections continue to be produced and developed completely in Europe, so that consistently high quality can be guaranteed. Mechanisms borrowed from nature are implemented in unique fibre technologies to provide optimal support and temperature regulation. The Swiss company's bold motto is to turn sweat into energy and to achieve this goal they have already invested more than 40 million Euros in perfecting new technologies, some of which are also used in the aerospace industry. 

Multiple award-winning and exemplary for the ingenuity of X-Technology clothing, ThermoSyphon®, the successor to the 3D Bionic Sphere® system that has been successful for years, redefines the idea of regulating functional clothing. Cool when you sweat, warm when you freeze and improving your performance at the same time: X-Bionic has solved this seemingly impossible equation using a highly complex network of tunnels and channels integrated into the textiles. In the channels of the patented 3D construction, sweat changes from liquid to gaseous. The excess moist warm air is thus conducted to the outside by the vapour pressure and can be adjusted so intelligently that you remain perfectly insulated and at a comfortable temperature even when resting.

The Right X-BIONIC® Technologies for Every Application

The high-tech apparel from X-BIONIC® was designed with precise goals, ideas and purposes in mind. In order to have the perfect garments and technologies on your body during your bike tour in spring, your mountain ascent through different climatic zones or even during less sweaty activities, it is worthwhile to get an overview of the different collections beforehand:

  • INVENT® is ideal for everyday use and lets you enjoy your active life even more. The light functional underwear offers clever technologies and high comfort for every sport, on the way to work, in the gym or when walking in the park. Thanks to the patented 3D Bionic Sphere® system with ThermoSyphon®, the underpants and undershirts help you not to lose any unnecessary heat and thus save energy for more important things. 

  • ENERGY ACCUMULATOR® is the name of the award-winning technology that gives you more mobility and endurance and reduces heat loss in areas of the body that cool down quickly. The shirts, trousers and arm warmers in the collection are especially recommended for sweaty activities in difficult temperature conditions. Sweat is cleverly directed to the outside or to warmer areas, while Partial Compression® specifically supports blood circulation and skin cooling.

  • ENERGIZER®: The best choice for winter sports enthusiasts and all those who prefer or need tight-fitting layers of clothing with a little less compression. The optimal thermoregulation and fit ensure a great wearing comfort, especially with sports bras, underpants and boxer shorts for men and women.

  • EFFEKTOR® works unconditionally in all situations. With Mars missions in mind, this ultimate high-tech functional garment is proven to positively influence your muscle coordination, body temperature, heart rate and recovery time even in the hottest areas. Award-winning technologies in the innovative running shirts, jerseys, bib shorts, running pants or even the socks ensure that you literally have your nerves under control on every trail or downhill on foot or by bike.

  • TWYCE® is your best friend for your next ultra through the desert. Or simply for all those days when it can get sensitively cold in the morning and sunny and hot in the afternoon. All parts of the aesthetic bike and run collection feature a double cooling effect, which helps to keep your core temperature always in the green. No matter how hard you‘re working.

  • THE TRICK® helps you to shorten and make better use of the warm-up time before training or competition and to avoid possible overheating. The special weave along the spine supposedly stimulates corresponding sensors and in turn the sweat production. More effective cooling and higher power reserves are the result. The shirts, shorts and singlets of this tricky series have rightly been showered with international awards for design, functionality, innovation and much more.

  • RADIACTOR: quick-drying, extra warm, small volume and ideal for extreme cold. The revolutionary Partial Compression® and the heat-reflecting XITANIT® 2.0 fibres guarantee plenty of heat capacity and excellent circulation.

Apani Merino by X-BIONIC® - 100% Nature + X-Intelligence

The Apani® by X-BIONIC® functional underwear combines the patented technologies of X-BIONIC® with the natural properties of merino wool. By integrating numerous complex technologies such as the 3D Bionic Sphere® system, the X-BIONIC® Apani base layers are cool, warm and dry exactly where they are supposed to. The result: perfect transpiration management and self-regulating thermal balance with optimum fit and durability. With the Apani series, however, X-BIONIC® focuses not only on function but also on sustainability. The complete Apani Merino underwear range is developed, designed and manufactured in Europe.