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Beast Components – We Love to Ride Light

The Beast Components team has looked around in motorsport and aerospace before they started producing their own bike parts. The company from Dresden, Germany, lives lightweight construction and produces handlebars, stems, saddles, seat posts and bottle holders for MTBs and road bikes under vacuum. If you don't know it yet, remember the name! » Read more

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Beast Components - Lightweight construction from Dresden, Germany

At BEAST, the scientific aspect of working with carbon as a material comes first. Specially developed optimization algorithms make it possible to determine the best possible layer structure. Using state-of-the-art methods, techniques and manufacturing processes as well as experience from the automotive and aerospace industries, high-quality, stable and durable carbon components are created that you can trust uncompromisingly. BEAST works with the best tools: its own hands.

The combination of quality, robustness and low weight has priority at BEAST. The complete value chain of components for road bikes and MTBs is in BEAST's own hands and every product comes from their own house: design, engineering, production and testing. All handmade in Germany. BEAST pursues the goal that the parts pass the toughest industrial tests and at the same time are perfectly manufactured.
The outstanding engineering, the innovative manufacturing, the quality and the extraordinary aesthetics of the BEAST products due to the coloured carbon surfaces, make MTB and road cycling a breathtaking experience for you.

The range includes wheels, rims, handlebars, stems, rims, saddles, seat posts and bottle holders for road and MTB. All parts are handcrafted in the Dresden factory.