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Bergamont e-Bikes and Bicycles from Hamburg

According to Bergamont, every bicycle or e-bike makes a decisive contribution to mobile change. The bike enthusiasts from Hamburg keep setting new standards in the all-road and e-urban area – with maximum integration, perfect ergonomics and a well thought out design concept "straight from St. Pauli". Whether it’s the award-winning Grandurance Gravel Bike or the powerful Bergamont E-Revox: From the idea to final assembly, quality and safety are top priorities for every Bergamont e-bike or bicycle.

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At Home in Hamburg: How Bergamont Came to Be

The successful Hamburg company Bergamont was conceived in a bicycle workshop in 1933. The workshop was located in the middle of a slaughterhouse, so it can be said it emerged from a butcher's business. Even today, the branch can still be found in the St. Pauli district. In recent years, Bergamont has not only developed high-quality bikes without motor assistance, but also more and more powerful e-bikes. The basic values of the manufacturer – origin, attitude and passion – can be seen on every Bergamont bike, with or without an electric motor.

Particularly noteworthy is the quality of the frames on the Bergamont bicycles. They are developed alongside the Hamburg University of Technology. The resilience of a frame design is tested under various conditions using computer simulation.

In this way, they can produce bike frames that are particularly stiff, but at the same time also have a lot of damping, to achieve optimal power transmission with a high level of driving comfort. Throughout the development stages, and in the course of production, all Bergamont e-bikes and bicycles are intensively tested – even by the staff themselves. And let's be honest: If a bike can withstand the hustle and bustle of Hamburg's city centre, then it is a good choice for anywhere in the world!

Bergamont Bikes

With an urban bike from Bergamont you can get around quickly and safely in everyday life. The Bergamont Sweep combines city and road bikes, making it an all-rounder that will get you anywhere in the city quickly without compromising on quality.

For long bike tours you need a bike that can handle rough terrain every now and then. With the Bergamont trekking bikes you’ll be well equipped. They run smoothly, can be used across a variety of terrain and are sure to impress with their ergonomic design decisions. The Bergamont trekking bikes from the Vitess and Horizon series enable an upright and comfortable, yet sporty sitting posture. In this way, you can effortlessly tackle rides from eventful day tours to regular commuter trips.

Bergamont's performance bikes offer you a modern, extraordinary design in combination with powerful equipment fit for every purpose. The Bergamont Grandurance, for example, is an all-road bike with an award-winning design. The Bergamont Revox, on the other hand, is the mountain bike among the performance bikes.

Bergamont E-Bikes

Bergamont also has e-bikes especially for the city in its range. The Bergamont E-Ville combines traditional design and low entry with an electric drive, making Bergamont an ideal e-bike for women as well as for men.

For electrical support on the trekking bike, you can also choose from the Bergamont E-Horizon and E-Horizon FS e-bike series. The models in both series are equipped with Bosch motors and the latest PowerTube technology. The Bergamont E-Horizon FS also comes with a fully suspended 100/80 mm chassis. As a result of that, commuting by bike is fast becoming an alternative method of community.

And you don’t have to be without e-mobility on your performance bike either. The Bergamont bikes from the Grandurance and Revox series are available as e-bikes and non-motorised variants.

With a motorised or non-motorised Bergamont bike, you can go anywhere in style. At BIKE24 you’ll find bicycles and e-bikes from Bergamont for women and men as well as unisex models.