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Croozer – Practical Bike Trailers with a Story

Croozer produces high-quality bike trailers since 2003. However, the history of the brand actually goes back to 1993. At that time, company founder Andreas Gehlen was faced with the problem of having to transport his three-year-old daughter and her friend to a playground by bike. After discovering that bike trailers were hard to find, he immediately recognised their potential. Initially working as a retailer, he concentrated on the sale of bike trailers for children. However, growing success and increased experience finally led to the development of his own product line in 2003.

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Croozer Bike Trailers – Sustainable Road Transport

Even before founding his brand, Andreas Gehlen consciously lived car-free, resulting in his focus on bike trailers. This ecological awareness continues to play an important role at Croozer. As an emission-free means of transport, the bike needs a corresponding transport accessory in everyday life. Croozer bike trailers provide this option, coming with many practical components in addition to high safety and quality levels.

For example, the Croozer coupling fits almost every bicycle. There are also more than 30 different coupling variants, so most bike varieties should be covered. Croozer trailers can also be easily folded up, are relatively compact and can be easily carried if needed. In addition, a clever click system ensures uncomplicated handling of the brand’s bike trailers, which can be quickly converted to meet different needs.

Croozer Bike Trailers for Children

The Croozer Kid is at the heart of the brand. Depending on the model, it offers space for one or two children. There are also special versions for babies aged one and over. They are suitable for children who are a few months old, as well as passengers up to school age. The age range ranges from zero to five years. There are also a lot of special features and accessories for different situations, such as:

  • Special AirPad suspension
  • For babies: 5-point belt system, ergonomic lying position, high side walls, complete protection
  • Folding design, sun protection, rain protection and a special winter set
  • Climatex technology including very breathable material for the child seats

In addition, you can quickly convert the Croozer Kid into a stroller using the brand's own click system. This involves a special buggy or jogger set, which consists of an additional wheel that can be quickly attached to the front of the trailer.

Croozer Dog Trailer

The Croozer Dog was developed with dog owners and veterinarians in mind, and focuses on delivering as much comfort as possible for our four-legged friends. For example, there is a particularly low entry point to help older dogs. There is also a comfortable dog bed and a rain cover. There are three different sizes, so that dogs weighing up to 45 kilograms can ride along. Taking dogs with you in a dog trailer is a good option, especially for longer distance journeys and when using an E-Bike.

Croozer Trailer for Cargo

Croozer Cargo offers you a reliable cargo trailer in three different sizes. With their stable base plates, they can all carry weights of up to 45 kilograms. The two large versions offer 135 litres of storage space, while the small version with its 92 litres of storage space weighs only 8 kilograms. The rain cover reliably protects goods being transported from wind and wet weather. Similar to the Croozer child carriers, you can also multi-task the Croozer Cargo models with the Handcart set. In addition to the support wheel, there is a length-adjustable drawbar. In this way, the cargo trailer can be easily transformed into a handcart if necessary.