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SHAKEDRY™ - the Lightest Bike & Running GORE-TEX® Rain Jackets

The cycling and running jackets in the SHAKEDRY™ collection are the lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX® products on the market. The GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise guarantees longevity, lasting protection from rain and wind while reducing perspiration. » Read more

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GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY – The lightest, most breathable GORE-TEX Products

With the introduction of GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™, GORE® Wear set new standards for rain jackets. Thanks to the revolutionary SHAKEDRY™ technology, the membrane of the jackets has no textile outer material. This prevents the body from cooling down and the jacket from gaining weight due to the soaked outer fabric. Water rolls off the surface permanently. Moisture cannot accumulate and can simply be shaken off by the athlete. 

Despite the permanently waterproof properties of the SHAKEDRY™ Bike and Running Wear, the GORE-TEX® membrane is one of the most breathable on the market and ensures that excess heat can escape at any time.

The absence of an outer material makes SHAKEDRY™ Sportswear extremely light. The excellent balance between protection and comfort makes the garments suitable for rain and sunshine. There is no need to put it on and take it off, and in the event that the jacket is not needed, it can be easily stowed away thanks to its very small packing size.

The GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ collection from GORE® Wear includes cycling jackets and running jackets. Each model is available for men and women. The SHAKEDRY™ rain jackets for bike and running are available in GORE® Wear Levels C5, C7, R5 and R7.

GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY for GORE Wear Bike Jackets

The SHAKEDRY™ cycling jackets are designed for enthusiastic road cyclists, available for men and women and in various designs. In addition to the GORE® Wear C7 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ Rain Jacket, the C7 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ Stretch Jacket stands out, using the innovative GORE-TEX® fabric with stretch technology. Strategically placed at the right points, this provides more freedom of movement, less noise and an improved fit, all with complete waterproofness. For use in particularly cold weather, GORE® Wear offers the insulated version of the C5 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ cycling jacket. Combined with Polartec® Alpha® fabric, this jacket is incredibly lightweight and provides excellent insulation in cold and wet conditions.

GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY for GORE Wear Bike Jackets

GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY for GORE Wear Running Jackets

Ambitious athletes cannot wait for better weather with training. That's why GORE® Wear also has running jackets for men and women with GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™. The GORE Wear R7 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ Trail rain jacket deserves special attention. Since trail running can get a little rough, this jacket is particularly robust, abrasion-resistant and completely backpack compatible.

GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY for GORE Wear Running Jackets