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KUbikes - Robust, Ergonomic & Lightweight Children's Bikes From Germany

KUbikes was founded by the brothers Jonas and Hannes Kuisle after an unsatisfactory search for suitable bikes for their own children. With a focus on child-friendly geometry and ergonomics and bikes that weigh considerably less than standard children's bikes they are able to provide a faster sense of achievement and more fun for even the smallest of explorers.

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KUbikes – For the Sake of Children and with a Passion for Bikes

The graduate engineers Hannes and Jonas Kuisle have been addicted to cycling since early childhood. Hannes designed and built his first e-bike at the age of 12. Their passion for the mountains drove them back to the beautiful Allgäu after their studies. There they feel at home, even if the roads and trails all over Europe still want to lure them away. When their own offspring grew old enough to learn how to ride a bike, the two discovered that there were hardly any suitable light children's bikes to be found. This finally gave them the idea to use their own know-how and to try to build their children age-appropriate bikes, which they would immediately be enthusiastic about. 

KUbikes – With Attention to Detail and Sophisticated Components

Today KUbikes is known for children's bikes on which little adventurers can immediately feel at home. Specific components make the bikes light and stable and guarantee immediate riding fun. The low weight of the KUbikes is achieved by the specially developed super-light aluminium frames and forks. This improves the handling and makes the first attempts easier. The well thought-out frame geometry allows the seating position to grow with the abilities and age of the children. A more upright position at the beginning can be changed later to a more sporty sitting posture.

Other components have also been specifically adapted to the height and requirements of the children. The aluminium cranks and pedals are adapted to legs and feet of different lengths and sizes in proportion to age. The small diameter handlebar grips, which are free of harmful substances, and the easy-to-reach, easy-to-release brakes ensure that the handlebars are ideal for small children's hands. KUbikes decided not to build back pedal brakes on their children's bikes, as this prevents unintentional and risky braking due to uncontrolled back pedalling during the learning phase. In addition, the brakes used increase the speed of reaction and simplify coordination between arms and legs.

KUbikes Children's Bikes – Riding Fun with Any Size & at Any Age

From the early age of 3 years the little ones can start exploring the world on two wheels. A handlebar diameter reduced to 19 mm ensures excellent grip on the 16 inch bikes.
Beginning at 20 inches, KUbikes offers two or even three different frame sizes to meet the different growth rates and desires. Both the 20 inch and the 24 inch bikes have a single shift handle for easy handling. The 20S MTB KUbikes is suitable for kids of 4 years or about 105 cm, while the KUbikes 20L MTB is designed for children who have grown to a few centimeters taller. Cyclists from 7 years onward can choose between the versions 24S MTB (for approx. 125 cm) or 24L MTB (for approx. 133 cm) depending on the size. 

For advanced explorers and mountain bikers there are a whole range of options with 26 inch wheels. From 145 cm or 8 years the KUbikes 26S MTB is a good choice. The 26M MTB is, similar to many of KUbikes mountain bikes, equipped with disc brakes and designed for a size of approx. 148 cm or an inner leg length of 69 cm. The 26L MTB is ideal for teenagers aged 9 and over or from approx. 155 cm. Whether with or without disc brakes or with or without off-road tires: The KUbikes children's bikes guarantee lightness, stability and riding fun thanks to high-quality components.