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LÖFFLER – Functional Wear Made in Europe

Be it cycling, Nordic sports, ski touring, running or outdoor: LÖFFLER offers innovative, high-quality and responsibly produced clothing for endurance athletes. The LÖFFLER attitude "unique & responsible" is in all their products. LÖFFLER does not outsource its production to other continents. And deliberately takes the harder route of production in Austria and Europe.

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Responsible to Top Performances

That is the motto according to which LÖFFLER develops innovative, high-quality and responsibly produced clothing for endurance athletes in the fields of cycling, Nordic sports, ski touring, running and outdoor. An intelligent mix of materials, high functionality, low weight and perfect fit enable ambitious athletes to achieve their best. The LÖFFLER attitude "unique & responsible" is visible in every single product with their claim "MADE FOR BETTER" and the brand core values of innovation, quality and responsibility. LÖFFLER makes a clear statement with their production locations in Austria and Europe, for social responsibility towards employees and for ecological responsibility in production.

LÖFFLER does not outsource its production to other continents and deliberately takes the harder path of production in Austria and Europe. More than 90 percent of the total value added, from fabric production to final inspection, is generated in Austria and Europe. 99 percent of production takes place in Europe and 70 percent of all materials are manufactured in the in-house knitting mill in Ried im Innkreis. Innovative technologies patented exclusively by LÖFFLER, such as transtex and hotBOND® or hotBOND® reflective make LÖFFLER clothing more advanced and prove that highly functional sportswear can be produced responsibly. 

The Unique LÖFFLER transtex® Principle

In the heart of production - the LÖFFLER knitting mill - a great breakthrough was achieved more than 40 years ago with the development of the unique transtex® technology. By using polypropylene, one of the lightest synthetic fibers with very low moisture absorption, sweat is quickly transported to the outside. Using special LÖFFLER knitting technology, polypropylene is combined with natural fibers such as cotton/modal, TENCEL™ or merino wool on the outside. This unique transtex® principle, protected by LÖFFLER, has been convincing endurance athletes for decades and ensures an optimum body climate in all seasons.


LÖFFLER uses the proven hotBOND® technology to join highly elastic materials by means of ultrasonic welding. With hotBOND® reflective these connection points reflect when illuminated due to a special processing technique. For trousers and jerseys this means: Better visibility in low light conditions and at the same time no seams that pinch or chafe. The seamless joints are extremely tear-resistant, rival the elasticity of the material and are ultra-flat. The extremely discreet reflection points only show their full effect under the beam of light - stand out when needed. hotBOND® products are manufactured exclusively at LÖFFLER's headquarters in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria). hotBOND® is available for bike shorts and jerseys as well as for running tights and in the outdoor collection..

Professional Athletes Trust LÖFFLER

The best proof of LÖFFLER's high quality is the long-standing cooperation with professional athletes of the ÖSV and DSV: For more than 40 years, top athletes have been wearing and recommending LÖFFLER's highly functional clothing, which is constantly optimized and further developed.