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Thomson Stems, Seatpost & More – High-quality Bike Components

Thomson is a company that can look back on a long tradition, being founded by Lorenzo H. Thomson in Georgia, USA, back in 1981.   They aimed and still aim to this day to produce precise CNC-milled products from high-quality aluminium, which is also used in the aerospace industry. In the nineties, Thomson achieved an international breakthrough with their MTB handlebars and stem. To this day, Thomson stands for high-quality, lightweight bicycle components, even though titanium and carbon are now used as materials in addition to aluminium.

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Thomson Bike Parts – High-Quality CNC-Machining

What began back in the eighties with CNC-milled products has now become a company respected throughout the entire bicycle industry. Thomson is known across the world for their high-quality CNC bicycle parts that stand out from the crowd with their high quality and low weight. The hype surrounding Thomson bike products began in the nineties and almost every custom mountain bike set-up was refined with Thomson Elite seatposts, stems and handlebars. The recipe for the success of Thomson bike parts was, on the one hand, their workmanship and weight, but also the unmistakably simple design, and having the Thomson name on your bike was almost a seal of approval for its high-quality construction.

Thomson’s excellent reputation has not changed to this day, although the American manufacturer's product portfolio has expanded significantly. Now Thomson not only builds bicycle parts from aircraft aluminium, but has also added titanium and carbon to the mix, reinforcing their high-end brand image.


Thomson Bike Product Categories to Improve Your Cockpit

When they first started developing mountain bike parts, Thomson only had a small product portfolio with very few components. This has now drastically changed and, in addition to their array of mountain bike parts, products for the road and gravel sectors have also been added. Read on to find out more about the Thomson product categories.

Thomson Seatposts

The Thomson Masterpiece and Thomson Elite seatposts raised the company’s profile in the past and are still produced today. These are particularly robust yet lightweight standard seatposts, which are available in various diameters and can come with or without setback. You can also choose between chrome and black.

The Thomson Masterpiece seatpost is now also available in carbon. The Thomson Titanium seatpost rounds off their portfolio.

Thomson has also long since added telescopic seatposts to their range, known as dropper posts, and they have two different models, the Covert Black and External Black Dropper.

Thomson Handlebars

There are also numerous models to choose from when it comes to Thomson handlebars.

Thomson aluminium handlebars are available both in 31.8 mm and 35 mm variants with different widths and rise versions for mountain bike use, as well as dropbars for road and gravel use. The MTB Ti is a Thomson titanium handlebar specifically for mountain bike riders. Thomson carbon handlebars are available in different designs for mountain bikes, as well as for road and gravel bikes.

Thomson Stems

Thomson has come a long way when it comes to accessories. In addition to saddle clamps, spacers and screw sets, the company also offers handlebar tape for your road or gravel bike.

The Benefits of Opting for a Thomson Bike Part

Thomson bike parts are synonymous with a high level of quality. Their products are made from first-class materials and you can be sure they’ll last. Thomson CNC-milled bicycle parts are also very light and thus save you a lot on weight. Since Thomson restricts their focus to just a manageable number of products, they channel a huge amount of passion and technological sophistication into every one. With Thomson handlebars, stems or seatposts, you can head out onto the world’s trails in confidence.

The Benefits of Thomson at a Glance

  • Thomson stands for extremely high-quality products
  • CNC-milled products
  • High-quality materials, such as aircraft aluminium, titanium and carbon
  • Thomson products are very lightweight
  • Thomson focuses on a select few products and engineers them to perfection.