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Enjoy Hassle-Free Riding with ACROS Bike Components

German company ACROS Components is one of the most dependable bike components brands around. From its base in Renningen near Stuttgart, ACROS manufactures a variety of headsets and other components. All are based around the company’s commitment to remove the complexity and stress from riding. Instead, riders can “install and forget” ACROS components, leaving them to stabilize their bike and guarantee smooth journeys on gravel, roads, or anywhere else.

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Find the Right Headset for Your Bike from the ACROS Range

Headsets are a core part of most bikes, forming the junction between the main shaft and suspension forks. Because of this central role, a headset needs to be extremely tough and long-lasting but also engineered to be flexible so that it adapts to the way you ride. ACROS has the engineering experience to provide that kind of performance, with headset designs that span the biking spectrum. For instance, when you check out the ACROS bike components shop you’ll come ACROSs:

  • Do it yourself headset tools to make installation and maintenance easy
  • Headsets for frame diameters ranging from 34 mm to 52 mm
  • Zero stack, integrated standard and external cup headsets

ACROS Headsets for MTB and Road Bikes

Having the right headset is especially important for off-road riding, where bikes can expect to encounter some serious forces and need to be resilient. ACROS offers a wide choice of headset styles and components for mountain bikers, including AZ-56 and AZ-44 headset uppers, bottom bracket cups and lower headset parts. You can mix and match to create the perfect setup, or buy kits to construct a full headset unit. And press fit designs come as standard, allowing for easy swapping and maintenance. ACROS headsets available at BIKE24 include:

  • AZ-56 and AZ-44 headset kits and individual components
  • ACROS Block Lock headsets to reduce steering column rotation

ACROS Pedals

Pedals are another area where ACROS could enhance your riding experience. The brand’s A-Flat pedals are a popular choice with urban riders thanks to their gliding properties, exceptional durability and high grip surface. You’ll always feel in control and powerful when these pedals are installed, making daily commutes or leisure riding even more enjoyable. The grip can also be replaced easily via tape accessories, and reflectors are included to add another dimension to your safety setup. On the other hand, XL ACROS flat pedals offer even more precision for off-road riding, while larger MD pedals are easy to clean and designed with beveled edges to minimize contact with stones and other debris. Pedal options in the ACROS shop at BIKE24 include:

  • ACROS XL pedals for off-road experiences
  • ACROS A-Flat Urban pedals for inner-city riding
  • All-round ACROS MD pedals

ACROS Wheels

If you want tough, durable wheels for out-of-town riding, ACROS could be the brand to choose. Off-road cyclists could fit some ACROS A-Wheel XC Race wheels to their bike. Their lightweight construction and strong, smooth performance will instantly feel like a major upgrade. Designs like the A-Wheel RD-SP are also perfect for road cyclists who need to hit maximum speed but are planning long journeys in the saddle. And you can also pick up a new front or rear hub if needed, making total wheel overhauls extremely simple. Options in the ACROS wheels selection include:

  • ACROS XC-Race wheels for cross-country and enduro riders
  • ACROS RD-SP wheels for road speed
  • ACROS front or rear hubs

ACROS is the kind of brand that serious cyclists need to discover. If you’re perfecting your road setup or you need a bit more control on demanding off-road trails, an ACROS headset, wheels or pedals set could make all the difference. All can be found at low prices at BIKE24, and there are products to suit different bike types and measurements. But if you aren’t able to find the components you need, there’s always an alternative. Just browse the BIKE24 store to find headsets, wheels, pedals and other biking essentials from the brands that matter.