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Deda Elementi – Determination – Passion – Personality.

Deda Elementi represents the perfect symbiosis of Italian craftsmanship and technical excellence. Decades of experience, tireless inventiveness and a wealth of ideas pave the way for the success story. Because at Deda Elementi, cycling is more than a sport - it's a lifestyle. Professionals worldwide have already broken records with Deda handlebars and parts. You can achieve great things with the high-quality handlebars, stems and seat posts from Deda Elementi, too.

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Bike Parts from Deda Elementi - From Innovation to Standard

The Italian manufacturer lives innovation. Innovations that have revolutionized cycling and set new standards. For example, in 1999 the 4-bolt handlebar clamping: The new clamping plate for Deda stems optimizes the distribution of the clamping force and allows stiffer and more secure connections between handlebar and stem.

Mountain bikes worldwide are equipped with 35 millimeter Deda stems and Deda handlebars - this innovation also comes from the Italian component forge. This size is now standard in the MTB world and shows only once more how Deda Elementi pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Also with the introduction of the first oversize handlebars and stems with a diameter of 31.7 millimeters for road bikes, the Italian manufacturer has changed the cycling world. Thus Deda Elementi replaced the standard of 26.0 millimeters, which was common on road bikes at the time.

Superleggera & Superleggera RS Series - Bike Parts for the Winner's Podium

The legendary Superleggera & Superleggera RS series of Deda Elementi are designed for riders who do not ask the price, but seek the ultimate riding experience. With their unmatched lightness and stiffness, they optimize your performance and riding experience. In addition, the bike parts give your appearance a simple elegance.

  • The bike parts of the Superleggera series are uncompromising in terms of quality, stiffness and lightness. Handlebars, seatposts and stems are the result of relentless pursuit of perfection.
  • The Superleggera RS series goes one step further - the kit of handlebar and stem is one of the lightest in the world. The exclusive elegant finish gives the RS series a stylish touch of a special kind. Developed by professionals, for professionals.

Superzero & Superzero RS Series - for Greater Aerodynamics

With their aerodynamic shape and high-quality workmanship, the bike parts of the Superzero and Superzero RS series are the secret weapon for new best performances. Your goal is to defy the wind and conquer the road at top speed? These series are ideally suited for this.

  • The Superzero series includes components from handlebars to stem to seatpost made of carbon and high-quality aluminum. They are characterized by a precise aero shape that minimizes air resistance and offers an ergonomic grip. Thus, the Deda handlebars set new standards in comfort and performance that you feel.
  • More aerodynamics, more lightness and more stiffness - that's what the Superzero RS series offers. And yes, it is possible to minimize the drag and weight even further, as well as to achieve an even more ergonomic and comfortable position. The combination of Deda handlebar and Deda stem of the Superzero RS series is proof of this.

Zero Series - Unbeatable Value for Money for Bike Enthusiasts

Deda quality at affordable prices: The high-quality and robust handlebars, stems and seatposts of the Deda Zero series focus on reliability and performance. For this you do not have to dig deep into your pocket.

  • Zero 100: Since its introduction in 2006, the Zero 100 series is one of the most popular series of Deda Elementi. You have the choice between different Deda handlebars - which one do you choose?
  • Zero 2: The perfect blend of technology and design - that describes the Zero2 series very well. It is made for bikers with higher ambitions.
  • Zero 1: The kit of the Zero1 series convinces with lightness, stiffness and style. Ambitious goals are quickly achieved with the bike parts.

Top Class Innovation - Deda Elementi's RHM Concept for Road Bike Handlebars

RHM stands for Rapid Hand Movement. The innovative handlebar design of Deda Elementi allows you faster and more efficient hand movements. Deda RHM handlebars are characterized by a short reach and a compact drop, which allows a quick switch of grip position from the top handlebar to the drops. Deda road handlebars with the new RHM Evo design offer an even more comfortable position when riding in the drops due to the even shorter drop. What this means for you? A more efficient power transmission, less fatigue and increased comfort while riding.

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