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Wera – Smart Tools, Developed in Germany

Wera tools – encompassing screwdrivers and many other hand tools from this traditional company. It’s not just since the development of the “soft-faced hammer” that the employees have been top of the tools. The tool sets and tools such as the Joker combination wrench and the multi-colour Hex-Plus hexagon-socket L-keys are outstanding in every way. They deliver an impressive performance both in the home and as bicycle tools. Awaken the “Tool Rebel” in you!

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Wera Tools Kit – Tool Rebels on Bikes

Wera is a German company with a long-standing tradition and history. The firm was founded back in 1936 and specialised in tool manufacture from early on. The brand concentrated on the essentials: creating reliable tools that solve everyday problems. From the Wera torque wrench to the Wera screwdriver, the tools undergo constant fine-tuning.

These ergonomically designed tools are especially useful for working on bikes, as tight spaces are often involved. Wera Tools has clever solutions for reaching all components sensibly, loosening screws more easily and for many other manual operations on your bike. This German manufacturer has won multiple awards for its products, including the renowned Red Dot Award and the German Design Award. Their fundamental claim to be “Tool Rebels” is a justified one, because they are constantly rethinking and revolutionising long-established tools to make them more practical for you in your daily work.

Wera Tools: Ergonomic, Versatile and User-Focused

This German manufacturer has a huge range of practical tools. There are general tools for everyday use, but also specific bicycle sets, as well as individual tools available as needed. They all have one thing in common: they are perfectly tailored to your needs. The brand pays meticulous attention to ergonomics and high-function versatility, with a constant focus on you as the user. That’s because the Tool Rebels want to make your life as easy as possible and offer solutions to day-to-day problems with your bike. The tools available include:


  • Wera screwdrivers– regular or as a combi-tool with bits
  • Wera open-ended wrenches + combination wrenches – combined in the Wera Joker set
  • Wera allen keys – with handy colour coding and non-slip coating
  • Wera torque screwdrivers for secure assembly, of wheels in particular
  • Wera tyre levers – for changing tyres

Every single tool impresses with its top quality and extremely long life. If you order a high-quality tool once, it’s highly unlikely that you will need to order a second time.

Several Functions and Attachments in One – Wera Bit Set

You probably don’t want to look for each tool for your bike individually. That’s why Wera supplies handy tools in a set. These come in many different compositions for maximum flexibility. After all, not all bikes are the same, and personal screws may require different tools. What’s more, you will probably also want to get a new bicycle at some point, which is why you should always have the most common tools to hand. As a minimum, this includes:


  • Wera screwdriver set
  • L-keys – standard and hexagon socket
  • 2-in-1 ratcheting combination wrench (Wera Joker)

As usual for this brand though, there are alternatives available where you can pack everything into a single tool. Products with Wera bits are ideal for this purpose. The various attachments for a central tool make it possible to work with many different screw types, from socket to cross recess. One example is the Wera Zyklop product range. Here you have a ratchet whose sophisticated flywheel design enables lightning-fast turningwith a wide range of adaptable attachments to fit on a free-swivelling head. As well as for use on your bicycle, you will find this a tool with multiple everyday uses too.


Wera Bicycle Set – Specially Developed for the Bicycle

The brand also offers sets that are specifically tailored to the screws most commonly used within the cycling industry. They’re not going to cover every DIY situation, but are particularly worthwhile if you’re already generally well equipped with tools and need some tools especially for your bike. Another advantage is that the sets are easy to take along with you. So in the event of a breakdown you can make repairs while you’re out and keep moving. You should take a set of the most important tools out with you, especially if you are planning longer trips of a day or more.


Code of Conduct for Business Partners – Wera Tools Demonstrates Responsibility

Tools of this brand are subject to stringent rules along the entire value chain. The company also makes sure that all its suppliers ensure ecologically responsible production and fair working conditions. This begins with the production of raw materials and extends right to the company’s own employees in Germany and the EU.

Any cooperation requires compliance with a broad range of criteria within a company code of conduct, including from business partners. The rules cover environmental protection, occupational health and safety, fair remuneration, product reliability and many other criteria.


Wera Tools are Easy to Purchase Online

These tool experts are called Tool Rebels for good reason. They take the ingrained and build on it, improve it, make it more practical and save more time. The focus is always on the user – that’s you. The brand uses multiple innovations to solve your everyday problems. We also make your satisfaction our focus. If you are looking to order Wera tools, benefit from our top service and express shipping.