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Deuter – Backpacks and Outdoor Supplies since 1898

Today, Deuter is one of the most renowned brands in the outdoor sector. The company’s range mainly includes backpacks for specialist purposes such as the Deuter Bike Backpack. Founded in Augsburg-Oberhausen in 1898, Deuter initially supplied sacks and letter bags for the Royal Bavarian Post. It’s come a long way since then.

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The Deuter Backpack and Its Success Story

The brand’s rise to global fame started with the first ascent of Nanga Parbat in 1953 by Hermann Buhl, who was equipped by Deuter for his expedition. With its hard-wearing, easy-to-use and extremely functional products, Deuter has been able to make a name for itself as a high-quality outdoor brand.

Today there are various accessories and clothes from the brand for outdoor lovers to choose from. In addition to tents and sleeping bags, the main focus is still on Deuter’s different backpack styles. The Deuter Bike Backpack is just as functional in its field as the many varieties of the Deuter Hiking Backpack. Do you need equipment for the whole family? If so, you’ll find a large selection of different products, from Deuter Backpacks for Women to Deuter Backpacks for Children.

Deuter Backpacks: Innovative Features

There are a number of general features that all Deuter Backpacks share. Most of all, they all blend high quality materials and careful workmanship. This can easily be verified based on the longevity of the products. In addition, the manufacturer attaches great importance to social and ecological sustainability and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles. As a rule, a Deuter Backpack offers the following general advantages:

  • Well thought out storage space, usually with several minor compartments
  • Air-permeable and soft back padding
  • Sensible and adjustable shoulder straps

There are also special functions to meet the individual requirements of target groups. For instance, Deuter Hiking Backpacks feature attachment options for sleeping bags or tents. For women there is the SL-Line, which is based around the female body, with narrower shoulder straps and a shorter back.

The Deuter Bike Backpack – A Practical Companion

The Deuter Bike Backpack – A Practical Companion

With Deuter Bike Backpacks you will enjoy the general advantages of the brand plus special details that have been specially developed for cycling. First of all, this includes the basic shape of Deuter Bike Backpacks. An optimised cut saves a significant amount of weight, making the backpack extremely comfortable to carry even at high speeds You will also find specialised fits for road bikes and mountain bikes, as well as for everyday use or extended tours.

Bike Backpacks for Mountain Bike & Road Bike, for Day Tours & Transalp

Deuter Bike Backpack for Mountain Bikes

What matters most here are exceptional ventilation and a good fit that will feel comfortable on wild trails or fast descents. For this Deuter offers models with the Auto-Compress-System, which ensures a secure hold on the back even on tight, steep turns. In addition, the Airstripes Back System offers a small contact area with as much ventilation as possible.

Deuter Bike Backpack for Everyday Use and Touring

If you need an option for everyday life, Deuter’s Mountain Bike Backpacks will be ideal, especially models with a practical helmet compartment. Of course, it all depends on how you are using the backpack and how much storage space you need. For longer tours, there are special Touring Bike Backpacks that offer a little more storage space and clever partitioning. There will be space for air pumps, tools, provisions and even a change of clothes. There is not only ample room, but also a sophisticated, easy to use design.

Deuter - Backpacks developed in Germany - since 1898

The Deuter Race for Road Bikes

For road cyclists there is the famous Deuter Race, which has already made a name for itself across the world. It offers intelligent storage space with as little weight as possible. The Airstripes Back System and anatomically shaped shoulder straps ensure ventilation with a stable hold. Of course, the compact storage space also results in a low overall weight. Despite its light weight, the backpack is well thought out and offers enough space not only for essentials like keys or wallets, but also for bike pumps and replacement tubes.

Alternatively, check out many other manufacturers and an even wider choice of bike backpacks and hydration systems or browse practical bike bags which attach to the saddle, handlebars or luggage rack.