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Ergon Saddles, Grips and Accessories Designed with Comfort and Performance in Mind

Ergon does everything it can to ensure that rider and bike work together as one harmonious unit. With ergonomic handles and saddles developed by sports medicine specialists, Ergon ensures that cyclists can optimise and adapt their bike to suit their needs, increasing their comfort and performance on every ride. Ergon has already won multiple accolades within their field thanks to their innovative bike products.

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Ergon: Medical Know-How for Increased Endurance and Performance

The manufacturer from Koblenz has been a constant in the development of ergonomic bike components for years. Ergon products make bikes even more comfortable because they are designed to distribute pressure as evenly as possible at the contact points between rider and bike.

This gives the riders greater control over their bike and makes cycling comfortable and safe, even over long distances and in difficult terrain. At the same time, the ergonomic shape of the Ergon bicycle components optimises the posture of the rider, which helps to prevent malpositions and the resulting discomfort.

Ergon focuses on the design of ergonomic saddles and handlebar grips. Engineers, designers and sports medicine specialists work together to achieve this. The result are products that are both functionally and aesthetically impressive, that even world-class athletes love.

Ergon Offers Premium Class Handles

Ergon Offers Premium Class Handles

The hands support a considerable part of the body weight when cycling. Due to the small contact area, this is a high-pressure point. If the bike and rider don’t work well together, nerve irritation and pain can easily occur.

The Ergon handlebar grips are designed to offer the widest possible contact surface and are also available in different sizes, so that different physical conditions and shapes are catered for. Thanks to a simple screw clamp, the wing handles from Ergon can be individually adjusted to your own sitting position and hand posture to avoid kinks in the wrists.

This can stop your wrists getting tired or sore, particularly on longer rides. Ergon's bike grips also reduce the risk of slipping by automatically keeping the wrist in an ergonomically optimal position, which is particularly beneficial with Ergon's MTB grips. Ergon gloves for mountain bikes offer additional cushioning and even more grip.

This is what Distinguishes Ergon Handlebar Grips:

  • Models for different hand sizes
  • Textures adapted to the different grip zones of the hand
  • High cushioning comfort
  • Excellent grip
  • Models optimised for different purposes
  • Easy and safe assembly

Highly Comfortable Ergon Saddles for Men and Women

Experiencing saddle pain while cycling? This is preventable. Even so, almost every rider from amateur athlete to ambitious cyclist is familiar with saddle pain. If the body weight is unevenly distributed over the small area of the saddle, the pressure can compress nerves in the perineum and genital area and cause unpleasant discomfort. The solution: Ergonomic bike saddles from Ergon that divert pressure to less sensitive areas of the buttocks.

Ergon offers saddles with gender-specific relief surfaces that are optimally adapted to the anatomy of men and women. Ergon saddles for women, such as the Ergon ST Core Prime Women, have a relief opening that is far forward and wide saddle flanks that divert the pressure onto the bony structures. Ergon saddles for men, such as the Ergon SM Pro Men, have a surface structure that directs the weight onto the sit bones and parts of the pubic arches and relieves the sensitive perineal area.

Regardless of which saddle you choose, Ergon designed it for dynamic sitting. It adapts flexibly to changes in your posture. It eliminates back pain, leaving you to complete long distances and demanding tours painlessly. This even applies to those Ergon saddles that are specifically aimed at ambitious racing cyclists, for example the lightweight Ergon SR Pro Carbon Men.

Highly Comfortable Ergon Saddles for Men and Women

This is what Distinguishes every Saddle from Ergon:

  • Gender-specific relief surface
  • Optimised for dynamic sitting
  • High seat comfort thanks to soft upholstery

Ergonomic Backpacks from Ergon

Whether you’re off on a day tour or a multi-day transalp tour – at BIKE24 you will also find Ergon backpacks to suit every ride. All models combine high design standards and perfect ergonomics. With various adjustment options you can adapt your Ergon backpack exactly to your body.

The mountain bike backpacks from Ergon also have innovative load compression, so that you can transport your equipment safely close to your body at all times. The models of the Enduro series within the Ergon range of rucksacks are characterised by a flexible middle section made of lightweight moulded foam that adapts to the movements of the wearer and helps to bring even the most precious personal items down the steepest mountain slopes without damage.

Ergonomic Backpacks from Ergon